Interdisciplinary Shaming Dept. Part II – Stacy Keltner, garbologist

This article is one part of a series exposing corrupt, fear-mongering academics who used police officers and lawyers to silence a single student while they move to crush his free speech and Title IX rights. This piece uses context from #KSUStickerGate. Read Part I here and Part III here.

Stacy Keltner is a fraud on the run. There is a $100 reward to whoever finds a picture of her that we can verify. KSU students, if you happen to see Keltner out in public, grab a quick shot on your phone and send it over. You would be helping end corruption on your campus, and offsetting the cost of your tuition and supplies.

The hilarious depiction of Keltner shown above will tide us over while we wait. Many thanks go out to the talented Brian Martinez for beautifully capturing the situation.

Keltner’s bio was deleted from KSU servers since Part I was published, probably because I announced my intention to comb through histories. These people have clearly never heard of the Google cache and FreezePage.


Stacy panicked in response to #KSUStickerGate to Sage bringing questions about the ISD’s organized effort to sabotage his faculty sponsorships and Male Students in Peril. Keltner’s colleagues will learn that she not an academician when dealing with people who disagree with her.

Here are two more documents for your perusal:

  • The campus police report where Stacy Keltner and ISD chair Robbie Lieberman lie about Sage. (Note that discredited faux-journalist David Futrelle jumped the gun and said that Stacy Keltner’s name never appeared in the “complaint” posted in my previous article. This is the complaint, and her name is right there, you opportunistic dumbass and you gullible morons who believe that liar who calls himself a journalist.)
  • An excerpt from an open record of emails that shows Stacy Keltner inviting everyone on a Gender and Women’s Studies mailing list to discuss the AVfM and KSU Men “problem” on campus. Notice that it keeps tabs on how many advisers KSU Men has left, and whether or not the conference continues. The rest of the emails will be provided as we cover more of the story in other articles.

A police report is public record only when the case is closed, which means there was no evidence that Sage is a threat.

That said, let’s see who our tax-dollars has been paying. Quote the investigator:

Keltner stated on 8/26/2014 while she was in a meeting she received a text message from her Department Chair Robbie Lieberman (Faculty). Lieberman told her that Sage Gerard was in the office of Interdisciplinary Studies and requesting to see her. The message also stated Keltner may want to avoid coming back. Keltner stated she immediately left the meeting and returned to her office where her 2 year old daughter was with a babysitter. Keltner stated she remained in her office until Gerard left the ISD office.

When Sage learned of ISD’s involvement in messing with Zen Men’s faculty sponsorships and Male Students in Peril, he had questions. What’s with these meetings about the “problem” of KSU Men and A Voice for Men? Why is everyone in Gender and Women’s Studies keeping tabs on the number of advisers Zen Men has? Why is the status of the conference important to them?

When Sage arrived, the ISD chair Robbie Lieberman informed Stacy that she needs to hide, even though Sage and Stacy were both already in a populated office space in broad daylight. Is the babysitter for Stacy, or the 2-year old?

It’s funny how Stacy thought to mention her child’s existence and age in her report, as if it wasn’t already obvious that she was tugging heartstrings hard enough to string a violin.

Keltner stated after leaving the ISD office Gerard went to the sidewalk office outside her window and the window of the ISD office and wrote on the sidewalk, “KSU MEN/A VOICE OR MEN” with chalk. Keltner stated after writing on the sidewalk Gerard took pictures of the writing and pictures of the people standing around looking at the writing.

Sage works on campus, and his stopping by the ISD offices (before the Flora Devine letter) with questions was one of the many errands he had to run. After visiting the ISD, he chalked an ad for the conference, which is allowed by KSU policy. The Social Science area is a great place to promote men’s rights.

As reported, Sage did take a picture of the chalk. And it wasn’t visible just by the ISD’s windows, Stacy, it was visible by all of the windows on the front side of the building. That’s the point.

According to this doohickey that checks data on original photos, this was taken at August 26th, 2014 at 2:06 PM EST in front of the Social Science building. The police report times the incident between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM, which checks out.

There’s no question here. This is the message Stacy Keltner saw.

The conference ad Sage wrote in front of the Social Science building
The conference ad Sage wrote in front of the Social Science building. “MEN’S RIGHTS CONFERENCE RSVP FREE KSUM.EVENTBRITE.COM”

Stacy, learn to read. It does not say “KSU MEN/A VOICE FOR MEN.” It’s just an open invitation to the conference you and your buddies were trying to sabotage. We had a great time, by the way.

Sage did similar ads on sidewalks around campus, so there was nothing particularly special about this one.

People did walk by, but Sage did not take pictures of lingerers checking out the chalk, unless you count accidentally capturing legs and feet. Either way, it’s a public spot.

A lot of students already knew that Sage was different than most, so if Sage was taking photos of people in the perverse manner Keltner suggests, someone else would have reported him since the cops were within eyeshot.

You read that right. Look at this picture from Google Maps.

Chalking map overhead
(Source: Google Maps. Edited for purposes of commentary)

The red “X” is where Sage chalked his ad. The building circled in blue is where all the cops are. Again, an ISD staff member assumes students are stupid.

Like with #KSUStickerGate, the only people who panicked and filed reports are professors who are politically-affiliated with the ideology Sage criticizes in the manner expected from a university student!

This must be the diversity and inclusion thing we keep hearing about.

The reason Sage photographed his chalk work was to gather up potential pictures for The Sentinel to use in this article, since they were looking for a featured image. The photo they ended up using was of chalk Sage put down by a different building. Either way, Sage was doing what he always does by recording his actions.

Stacy is acting like Sage left a mark of death specifically for her.

Keltner stated she fears for her safety and the safety of her family and colleagues. Keltner stated she has seen the cartoons, video and blogs online and believes Gerard demonstrates having violent fantasies about hurting and murdering women.

I don’t even know what to say.

There’s dishonest, there’s stupid, and then there’s straight-up anti-reason. Stacy Keltner is such a vapid, stillborn pile of failed neurons that I am only left to conclude there is something wrong with her. Schizophrenia? Brain tumor? PTSD from seeing Andrea Dworkin naked?

Stacy Keltner never once met Sage, and she has no evidence that Sage is violent. The only thing Sage ever did to her was try to ask her questions, and he never even got the opportunity to do that because the department chair helped agitate her own staff.

Sage still doesn’t even know what the fuck Stacy Keltner looks like! All we know from the police report is that she is a white, 40 year old blonde with brown eyes that weighs 105 pounds and stands what I suppose is 5’1″, if I’m understanding the format of the height correctly (Sage is 6 feet even, and his height is recorded as “600.” The first number appears to be feet, and the last two are inches).

Keltner cranked up her subjective hysterics until people start listening reflexively. She cries crocodile tears to grease the gears of the system.

Stacy, if you need some help understanding this, maybe some records will help.

Sage has a 4.0 GPA at KSU. He managed to get an institutional GPA of 4.18 at Georgia State, which also has a 4-point scale. He is in two honors societies and has traveled the country for scholarship programs with NASA and other organizations.

So, number one, he takes his education seriously. Number two, he takes his work seriously. He started working at 15 years old as a programmer, and has a portfolio of projects across several industries that people actually use.

He would not throw all of that away being the kind of person you think he is. He has friends and family (yes, including women) who love him, and you shit on all of that because it just had to be about you. I think you wanted someone to call you out, because on some level, it means back-pats and people calling you “survivor.”

You make me sick.

Keltner also believes Gerard is interested in challenging/silencing all women and gender programs and educational activities on campus. Keltner stated as the coordinator of gender and women’s studies she is a prime target.

Guys, a black hole of stupid has formed in my office. It sucked all of the oxygen out of the room, but it also took a few laws of nature, so I can still breathe. Gregg Allman is eating my lamp, and my ass is a giraffe.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Stacy, you used fear to recruit thugs to attack a single student you personally do not like by proxy. One moment you are sobbing and blubbering about an outstanding student coming to kill you and your 2-year old, but then smirk and hum a tune when the cops run to investigate.

A security escort was provided for Keltner to her vehicle.

Stacy, two things happened to Sage since you decided to sell your story by clutching a cop’s arm with one hand and using a folder to hide your face with the other.

  1. Sage’s supervisor asked if Sage knew that a “bodyguard” was hired to repel him. I talked with Dr. Sansivero and he assured us that there was no private bodyguard, but we now know there was a police escort. Either way, this drama bled into his job, Stacy. Do you realize your words can impact a man’s life, regardless if you are telling the truth or not? It’s okay and expected to openly disagree with Sage, but it’s not okay to blow the situation so out of proportion that reality itself distorts.
  2. When Sage debated Brian Clyne, Clyne attempted a character assassination. Look at 36:38. We don’t know how he got the information, but Brian Clyne, who actually IS a dangerous, criminally-inclined individual, used what sounds an awful lot like YOUR story to go after Sage in front of the Dean of Students, and a cop. Sage later had to juggle Brian’s relentless attempts to paint Sage as a harasser of women (an action that puts students in physical danger of vigilantism) while being silenced by the cops on Brian’s command.

Stacy, if I find out that there was a link between your report and Brian Clyne’s own vendetta that endangered Sage, I swear that you will never work in peace again. I will follow your activities and call out every lie that threatens the livelihood of decent men, until people stop citing your publications and you tearfully watch your degree gather dust in the closet. I have the resources and the connections to make that happen, and I will use them if you so much as tell one more goddamn lie about a man you don’t know. Covering your ass will only make me work harder to expose your sins.

You need to understand that there are people out there who will literally beat a man bloody if they believe that he is some kind of threat to women. Look at the murders carried out where victims are men falsely accused of rape. Perpetrators of this violence won’t investigate. They won’t even think. They will simply beat him until he is broken, and bleeding. You put Sage, an innocent and intelligent young man with a future, in a position where he has to keep looking over his shoulder every time he walks on campus.

And you won’t even let him express himself.

That is why you are one of the most egregious, repulsive and vindictive professors on Kennesaw State University, if not Georgia or the United States.

Sage runs his organization as an extracurricular activity. You responded so disproportionately that you encroached on an innocent student’s personal well-being and employment. Sage’s world started closing in around him thanks to you. People started treating him differently, because of you and people who think like you.

You stained Sage with a LIE that can follow him to job interviews and his relationships.

You are filth, Keltner.

Neither Sage, myself, or any men’s rights activist worth his salt hates women as you suggest, or humanity, for that matter. But rest assured that I hate toxic people who earn contempt with their manipulative actions. You are one of those people.

If you actually experienced even a tenth of what you put Sage through, then you would probably have fled the country by nowDid we learn nothing from Caleb Warner and Vladek Filler? Have we still not evolved the abstract reasoning necessary to understand that a lie can spiral out of control?

We’re still looking into your history, Stacy. I would take the time to spit on your repositories of pseudo-philosophical reflections, but I have expended far too much energy on this article as it is.

Just know that I always will learn more. If you think there is something, and I mean anything else in your conduct on Kennesaw State University that will embarrass you, then you better send Sage Gerard an email and try to make things right, because I will publish all of your mistakes. Sage’s email is right on our masthead. Try getting to know the guy for once.

If you need more convincing, I invite readers to contact you via your public contact info. We will notice if you delete that, too.

Hundreds of people here have donated to Zen Men, the organization your people have been messing with, and I figure they may want an opportunity to explain how they feel about your disrespecting their contributions to gender equity. Oh, and just a tip: The supporters will not threaten you. They will most certainly be angry with you, but you are not in any physical danger. You never fucking were. Just keep that in mind if some odd troll sends you a message you want to believe we endorse. Use your brain and try listening to thoughtful dissent for once in your miserable life.

Admit you were wrong like an adult, or pack up your desk.

The faculty member in Part III will not be announced. I suggest any ISD member interested in saving face get in touch with Sage before it’s their turn. Silence will be considered siding with what will only be disproven.

I don’t determine the fate of your credibility, you do.

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