Anti-Cosby protestors attempt to physically silence Cosby defenders

Men’s Human Rights Activists peacefully counter-protest those calling Bill Cosby a rapist, and those who believe Cosby to be Guilty Until Proven Innocent use thug tactics to silence defenders of due process–while Hamilton police do nothing.

Recently I wrote about the experiences some of us had at the feminist hyper-rape-inflation guilty until proven innocent media lynch mob that visited Hamilton on January 9, 2015. The reason the rabid phony “rape culture” circus was in town was Bill Cosby giving a show at Hamilton Place. Cosby has numerous rape allegations against him. Allegations only, which in feminist speak means “guilty.”

It was an interesting experience for us all, I’m sure my fellow attendees would agree. A very small number of us responding to the penis owner=guilty cult with advocacy of innocent until proven guilty and due process. You know the rule of law, that concept at the heart of justice and found in the bedrock of a free and democratic society.

The lynch mob protesters proclaiming Cosby’s guilt had been growing since he came to The Great White North (Shout out to Bob and Doug Mckenzie who grew up in the Hamilton area) to do 3 shows. Hamilton being his last stop. There was probably 100 or so of them gathered in Hamilton on the South East corner of Summers Lane and Main.

“We believe the women” “1 in 5 women are raped” the cult chanted ignoring the fact that the 1 in 5 myth has been debunked and there hasn’t been a trial let alone charges for Cosby. Sexual violence is an epidemic according to them despite what the actual numbers tell us.

I guess feminists do need to keep those donation dollar$ flowing. And the ‘sexual violence epidemic’ propaganda is just another one of feminism’s cash cows they use to milk society out of money, common sense and due process.

But that is another topic for another day.

My last article gave you just a small snap shot of our experiences. There’s an interview with CHCH TV in that first piece. Some of you may have noticed in the interview I seemed a little frazzled, somewhat vocal about things.

For those who missed that interview here it is again.

I admit it, I was a little nervous and frazzled at the time of the CHCH TV interview. And for good reason: It wasn’t the bright lights big camera which had me on edge.

My nervous frazzled manner for that interview was a result of an interaction between me, a member of the feminist hang the penis-owner lynch-mob and Hamilton Police Services.

The interaction that transpired at the Hamilton Cosby protest was a little more sporty than what I’ve experienced in the past. And in the past I’ve faced off against some of the more infamous members of the blame-a-penis club. Big Red and Darwin’s Rejects would be 2 examples.

There is another incident on record where I had dealings with a local blame a penis member in which they used a makeshift weapon (club) in their attack on me.

(And yet the world is worried about the threats feminists send to themselves not actual documented acts of violence engaged in by them)

Anyways back to the interview with CHCH TV. Prior to my interview with CHCH, in fact most of my interviews, I was accosted by a member of the lynch-a-penis mob.

Here is the video evidence of the attack;

I’m going to call her “lil’ Miss Rapey Hands,” because she didn’t get enthusiastic consent to lay her hands on me.

The assault is minor, as is the theft, however they are crimes just the same. Lil Miss Rappey Hands decided she had the right to lay her hands on my personal property and proceed to use her substantial girth and weight to knock my person about.

Now this situation could have very easily gone gone badly for all parties involved.

If I didn’t turn at the last second before her attack I may not have realized what the intentions of lil Miss Rapey Hands were and taken her attack for something which would require a stronger more physical response. With that in mind I can’t say what my reflex action would have been. It may have been to do what I did which was to direct the police to do their jobs.


I may have simply turned around and punched lil Miss Rapey Hands in an act of self defense without even knowing who or what she was. My possible reaction in a situation like that isn’t guaranteed, no one’s is when suddenly hit unexpectedly like that.

But what doesn’t appear to be up for speculation is a combined desire by the Hamilton Police Services and the feminist blame a penis club to increase violence.

One might even say an increase of violence is exactly what the feminists and police services across North America want.

Notice in the video immediately after lil Miss Rapey Hands commits her crimes the “blame a penis” club cheers her on?

Notice how 1 police officer starts to do his job while another calls him back thereby obstructing justice?

There is one other thing I want you to pay attention to in the video, and it happens right at the end. Pay attention to the man in the beige-colored coat whom she goes to after realizing she just became a local feminist hero and Hamilton Police Services are going to turn a blind eye to her crimes. He comes back into the story later on.

The next thing caught on video that happens right after lil Miss Rapey Hands commits her crimes is I have words with the offending police officer. I now refer to him as an offender due to the fact he obstructed justice when he instructed his fellow officer not to do his duty. His sworn duty I might add, and I go into that in this video.

About a 1/2 hour after the incident with lil Miss Rapey Hands and the constable criminal with the badge # 53 the protest was over and we were leaving the area to re-convene at an undisclosed location to decompress and analyze the evenings events.

We were leaving the area heading North along Summers Lane to King Street when Malcolm fell behind. You see Malcolm’s path was impeded by lil Miss Rapey Hands and her useful idiot male feminist. We have the video giving evidence of this:

I guess lil Miss Rapey Hands and her useful idiot lackey, realizing her crimes were all caught on video, decided her next move should be to destroy the evidence. And they made their play by first singling out Malcolm, prohibiting his ability to stay with the group.

They keep pace with him and repeatedly block the shot of the camera while biding their time to commit another crime.

Along the way you’ll notice they taunt Malcolm trying to get him to act as they do.

And then it happens.

Mr Useful Idiot decides the timing is right: no one is walking towards them and they are about 20 feet away from the open street, so he attacks. It happens right around the 2:18 mark. Malcolm is assaulted in what he describes as an attempt to steal the camera, thereby giving them the opportunity to destroy the evidence of lil Miss Rapey hands previous assault and theft.

The premeditated and intentional assault by Mr Useful Idiot was hard enough to knock Malcolm to the ground. And lil Miss Rapey Hands is a willing participant/ accomplice in this crime.

What is truly deplorable about this situation is the violent attack on Malcolm could have been prevented if the police did their jobs the first time lil Miss Rapey hands got all touchy-assaulty with me.

But Hamilton Police Services didn’t, they turned a blind eye, which lead to an escalation of violence by the lil Miss Rapey Hands & Mr Useful Idiot.

Hamilton Police Services aren’t interested in reducing violence. Neither is the feminist lynch-a-penis cult.

They’re interest is to increase violence.

That’s what a legal system on feminism does folks, it increases violence.

Stay tuned for more. Things are going to get a whole lot more exciting before we’re done with this one.

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