Infantile Controversy

Many who express themselves in the main stream media and in fact all over the internet seem to be infatuated with speaking in the third person. They offer all kinds of advice and insights into making this shithole of existence a better place. It seems that so many of us are lacking in self-esteem we are quite willing to sacrifice others to our own cause of self-righteousness. My personal opinion is that most people are not willing to risk their credibility to stand up for an issue and speak from their own beliefs, that they remove themselves from the commitment. Instead they engage in finger pointing and finger wagging, it’s safer for them.
It was not so long ago that tele-evangelists along with the Catholic Church were given a taste of their own hypocrisy and left to marinade in it. I call it taming the alter-ego.
Would you buy a used religion from this man?
The world is full of wheelers, dealers and healers. It all hinges on what you choose to believe and in this culture stroking down your dollar is the way you express your beliefs. Most popular beliefs as far as I am concerned are the ones with money behind them. It doesn’t make them right it just makes them popular by economic repetition. Just ask anyone in Iraq that is hiding all those kitchen appliances of mass destruction. In as much as it may sound absurd, do you think if we had taken all the money that has been spent on that war and just handed to the Iraqi’s we might have gotten more than we wanted. Call it a bribe, call it whatever you want, just give me the results I’m after. Where ever the money goes is where we point our nose and sniff, smells good eh, shit ya, blow the fuckers up and don’t forget to support the troops.
Is it any wonder that so many people engage in feminist rhetoric, it’s where the money is, for NOW.  We aren’t people, we’re cattle grazing at the money river. What’s particularly hilarious is they tax our money, tell us what to think and give it back to us when we comply. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA.  I like to call it shake and bake reality. There is no right or wrong – only money. Does that sound pathological to anyone out there. This is third person pathology, a mindless frenzy for money. Anybody remember the tire commercials with the baby sitting in the tire? Bet you went out and got new tires.
I got a phone call from a charity fighting against internet child pornography. He said the money was to fund more investigators. I told him most people have porn on their computers and aren’t even aware of it. I said if he gave me 30 minutes on his computer I could probably find some. I told him I felt it was unethical to prosecute anyone for an unintended crime. He told me that I must support child pornography if I was unwilling to donate.
This is the kind of ethics supported by people like Josh Jasper and the organisation he represents. It’s not about being responsible or ethical, it’s not even about the problem it’s about money. For people like this, they will sell anything and anybody to fill their wallet, and inflate their prestige.
I have two children from my first marriage, when they were young the issue of swearing came up. My daughter commented that people often swear and why couldn’t she. I explained to her that everyone swears but they use discretion and that swearing was not appropriate anytime or anywhere. I explained that different cultures had different approaches to swearing. The French will often swear by insulting the church, “Tabernac”. I explained that swearing is based on cultural values and in some cases personal values. I told her that I did not believe that words such as fuck, shit, piss were offensive. What I find much more offensive is words such as stupid, idiot, dummy, these are words that attack esteem and it is wrong to attack someone’s self-esteem. I was respectful in the delivery of my personal beliefs she gave it some thought and agreed with me. After twenty five years I can honestly say I have never heard her use those words.
I find the message of the video produced by the Riverview Centre sensationally irresponsible. I would never choose to view my children this way, I think your message to a developing mind is indicative of a desire and willingness to damage their esteem. What is equally disturbing is that you remove the personal responsibility of violence from the individual by assigning the responsibility to nurturers. Your message clearly states that a rapist does not suffer from a pathology, but rather suffers from the influence of a wider community pathology.
It suggests that rapists don’t exist, but communities that condone and promote rape do. What you have done with your video is condone rape, by stating that everyone else is responsible for it, that it is a nurtured  behaviour. You make a good argument for rapists being victims of social influence. The next legitimate question is should rapists even be jailed, or should they undergo rehabilitation in the community? I’m just following your logic.
With a genuine moment of reflection consider the message offered to a child when you say these words: “never hit a girl!”
What you have just told that child is that you expect them to hit, that violence is OK, but that violence is conditional. It’s simply an incomplete message about violence that ultimately condones it. Once you make violence conditional you promote its use. But unfortunately it does not give you exclusive control over it. What we often fail to see is that the meaning of a message can be much more diverse than intended.
Football is a good example.
Imagine that little piece of leather everyone is fighting over symbolizes masculinity and to get it and make it profitable by scoring points, you have to kick the shit out of anyone that gets in your way. That’s how you bring home the bacon for your family.
The football, puck and basketball are all violent definitions of masculinity. The more you score the more you’re paid. It’s violence for profit, the war in Iraq, violence for profit, Hollywood and cinema, violence for profit. But what we really need to be concerned about is an eight month old baby. You know so the message isn’t confused. Josh Jasper, ex-marine, football player, cop? How the fuck do you get more violent than that without being prosecuted. This guy has a message? There really is no need for a PI. Exposing this guy is easy, ask him how much he is paid, self-serving greed speaks for itself. Better yet ask the Riverview Centre to publish the earnings of its staff. Wanna bet they refuse?
Beyond the violence for profit, you know acceptable and state sanctioned violence, those that play by the violent rules can also gain fame and hero worship. Maybe not from everyone, but enough fame to satisfy their lust for self-importance.  Ask any Hollywood action hero they’ll tell you. Ever wonder why kids walk into schools and indiscriminately murder there piers? They’re not married so they don’t need the money. Maybe it’s fame, maybe not from everybody, but enough to satisfy their lust for self-importance. Once you have killed 3 million whatever’s on your game console isn’t it just a reflex.
It’s disappointing that the malignancy that is the media teaches us to over dramatize our lives and our own definition. It’s part of our consciousness now. Super bowl flesh trade and domestic violence, the urban myths are never questioned. The question should always relate to the money, how much funding was spent to police the event and how many arrests were made. If you arrest fifty people and it cost you half a million that’s ten thousand bucks a head. For that kind of money why wait for the super bowl , just put a bounty on their heads and the flood will never end. Wanna bet the next Democratic convention, won’t be policed to protect the victims of the skin trade? What did you say? Politicians don’t buy sex! Bill Clinton and Monica Lewd-insky…need I say more Hillary?
This mentality is an extension of the war on terrorism mentality. Fear for sale, buy your safety with a donation. For anyone paying attention, you may have noticed that financial terrorism doesn’t qualify, just violence. The banks can screw you for a couple of trillion, guaranteeing your children will live in bondage, but the real threat is still sitting in a cave somewhere watching the Disney channel.
Wanna know what a real feminist looks like, they’re staring at your wallet with their hand out, selling morality by the pound, shilling and pence. Sometimes unknowingly you marry one.
Hey Josh, instead of pointing fingers why don’t you tell us in your own words why you don’t rape women? Try You Tube!

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