Industries for the destruction of men

If you are a father in the United States who has experienced divorce, then you know that the family courts want nothing to do with you except for you to participate in the system which helps make lawyers rich, submit to being a marginalized parent, and paying child support via the government so that women and children have access to government help once the mother disposes of you.

What you may not realize is that all U.S. state governments have become dependent on court-ordered alienated fathers who pay greater child support which, in turn, triggers Federal Title IV-D money that states then use to replenish money for welfare and other programs. But, this can only happen once paternity is established.

With this in mind, it may seem apparent to you that the biggest opposition to this industry is father’s rights and shared parenting groups who are demanding increased time with their children and supporting them directly instead of via the government program of child support enforcement.

If you put your money on father’s rights groups, I want to introduce another flourishing industry that has crept up in the past decade that is in direct conflict with child support enforcement and their need to establish paternity of children and bringing fathers under Federal enforcement. In fact, this industry desperately opposes the establishment of paternity of the roughly 46% of children in the United States being born to a mother that is single or married to someone other than the child’s biological father.

Introducing the adoption industry

In just about every U.S. state, there are laws that govern who is deemed to be the likely biological father when the mother of a child is unmarried. Furthermore, laws are setup in each state that say that these putative fathers have absolutely zero rights to their children unless they establish paternity, or have paternity decided via the courts. While the establishment of paternity is good news for child support enforcement, it is devastating to the adoption industry which wants an adoption to happen without there being a legal father who could oppose the adoption. And trust me, U.S. states are going to great lengths to make sure this happens, much to the dismay of the Federal program of child support enforcement that keeps women- and children-centered programs running. Let’s take a look at Oklahoma’s law on putative fathers:

[quote] “A birth mother is under no obligation to inform the putative father of her pregnancy. In fact, if a birth mother creates an adoption plan during her pregnancy, she is not required to serve the Notice of Plan for Adoption on the putative father. If a putative father is served a Notice of Plan for Adoption, he must follow one of the options outlined in the notice. If he fails to act upon the Notice of Plan for Adoption, his failure to act will be seen by a court as a denial of interest in asserting parental rights and will be sufficient grounds to terminate those parental rights.” [/quote]

Furthermore, Oklahoma law states that…

[quote]“Oklahoma law places the burden upon the putative father to learn if a pregnancy resulted from a relationship with the birth mother.“[/quote]

In short, what Oklahoma is saying is that mothers can legally conceal pregnancy and adoption plans from a father, but puts the burden on the father to somehow discover this and stop it within 90 days.

If the father is unable to stop the adoption, the adoption industry, their lawyers, and their lobby groups win. But child support enforcement loses because that is one less purposefully marginalized father paying child support.

Either way, what is important for men and fathers (along with women in their families) to remember is that there are industries everywhere forming to capitalize on the destruction of men and fathers.

Equally important to remember, is that you are helping to fund these industries via your decision to get married and participate in creating motherhood. When are we going to stop arguing with feminist and feminist-controlled industries and finally launch a fatal shot into their battleships by going our own way?

If you are tired of being disempowered by feminist governance, then stop getting married. This will end alimony and the loss of property. It will also lessen your chances of having a false allegation of domestic violence brought against you.

If you are tired of being disempowered by feminist governance, then stop creating children. This will cripple child support enforcement and state governments’ ability to order your marginalization via social services. This will also end the adoption industry. Also, no more babies means no more children going to universities where academic feminists are waiting to turn them against you.

Gentlemen, you have WAY more power than you realize.

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