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Feminists should be rejoicing. A woman DID win the White House this week.

The most stunning and audacious election campaign in the history of democracy was orchestrated by Kellyanne Conway. Behind every great man is a good woman, so the saying goes. So let’s talk about the woman currently standing behind the president-elect.

Like many women and girls, Kellyanne wasn’t the first choice. She had to wait in line. Only after a couple of dudes tried and failed to make Donald J Trump look presidential and electable did she inherit a ship that most outside observers were convinced couldn’t be saved from sinking. Only Kellyanne wasn’t here to be another deckhand on the Titanic; no this woman was there to wear the captain’s hat and against all the odds turn the entire franchise around.

Her boss didn’t make it easy for her at times.

Trump was hot off a nomination debate in which he and his Republican rivals had come off like a bunch of frat boys cracking wise about each other’s junk on national television. Liberals were celebrating what looked like the very public and dramatic disintegration of the entire Republican party.

“Boys will be boys” she must have thought as she watched the Donald alongside the likes of Cruz, Rubio, and Jeb Bush drag the Republican debates into disrepute. The tone and rhetoric might have played well with drunken Ted Nugent fans, but Kellyanne knew there weren’t enough of those to put her man in the White House. Things needed to change. And they needed to change fast.

Her boss was already in trouble with women (so the media intently hammered home) for rising too often to the bait of various female agitators in the media and online. And in his innocence was falling into the trap of not treating them with kid gloves just because they were women. Pretty egalitarian right? Unfortunately, the public wasn’t seeing it that way. And when it comes to political campaigns perception is everything.

Kellyanne was initially brought on because of her expertise in helping clients engage female consumers in the private sector. Her expertise, her opponents would soon to find out, extended way beyond the realm of ‘girl stuff.’

Her boss had enthusiasm for the job and vision but by his own admission lacked experience and tact. Their rival had experience on her side, but Kellyanne expertly ensured the public was repeatedly reminded of exactly what Hilary Clinton had experience in doing. More than 30+ years of engaging special interests, selling off policy for profit, lying, stealing and cheating the American people at the behest of her globalist sponsors. All under the guise of divisive neo-liberal gender and identity politics.

When Kellyanne took over as Campaign Manager, Trump’s bid was in freefall. Even Trump’s most ardent supporters can’t have enjoyed watching him getting into ill-advised public spats with the families of dead American servicemen. There’s no way of sugar coating the fact that it wasn’t a good look. All this played into the hands of those that argued Trump was an impulsive hot-headed jerk who simply wasn’t ready or suited for the demands and challenges of public office.

Where the media smelt blood, Kellyanne saw an opportunity. And slowly but surely the bullish Trump that won the Republican nomination (to the delight of liberals and the dismay of many life-long conservatives) gave way to an actual human being.

While other politicians hid their flaws of character and judgment on private servers, Kellyanne gave us a candidate that held his hand up and owned his. Suddenly the stars started to align, the man, that fittingly enough, was running on the promise of giving America a second chance, was afforded a second chance of his own.

Slowly and systematically each and every one of the big old bear’s potential weaknesses were transformed into strength.

While his detractors tried to paint him as a billionaire very literally living in a high tower, Kellyanne flipped the script. And suddenly he was a guy who was so rich he couldn’t be bought, who wasn’t running because he needed the money or craved the fame. He was running because it was the right thing to do.

Suddenly he was a guy who didn’t need us as much as we (the people) needed him. Suddenly he didn’t look like the bully anymore; he looked like the reluctant and imperfect people’s champion taking on the bullies from all sides, on behalf of the little people no one else was willing or able to fight for.

Under Kellyanne’s guidance, her client transformed in the public consciousness into the embodiment of the American dream that he was all along. A man that spoke to the aspirations of the ordinary people all over the country who just want a system that gives them a fighting chance and a fair shake. Even his reality tv past transformed from a subject a shame and ridicule into an asset. He wasn’t a reality star like Kim Kardashian famous for taking selfies of his naked ass (thank the lord). No, he was the host of a tv show that championed the entrepreneurial spirit. Why’s that bad? What’s more American than that?

Kellyanne recognized her client’s enthusiasm and passion and knew that if she could keep him on message; on – free trade, immigration and anti-corruption, and away from Twitter spats unbecoming of a president, he’d look a lot less like a reality tv ego manic and a lot more like the champion of a movement of people that don’t want their destiny or the destiny of their great nation written for them.

She sent the big old bear out to pick fights that they said he couldn’t possibly win. In places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. But she sent him out armed with the tools to ensure victory.

Like many women trying to achieve remarkable things in a ‘man’s world,’ she was met with mockery. Time and time again prominent men (and women) in the media invited her onto their shows so that their audience could laugh at her and mock her and compel her to drop the act and just admit that she and her candidate were kidding all along. She didn’t rise to it, and she didn’t take her ball and go home bitching about ‘the government’ the way feminists on the left do. She stayed calm; she stayed on point. And the people that mattered saw through all the jabs and snarky bullshit to the truth of her message. By the time Florida was called for Trump, no one was laughing at Kellyanne Conway anymore.

The path in front of Kellyanne throughout this election campaign wasn’t the kind she could comfortably walk on in heels or barefoot. It wasn’t ‘girl-friendly.’ Heck, it wasn’t much friendly at all. It was a path laden with every obstacle imaginable and showered in shattered glass. But Kellyanne didn’t stand behind the start line bitching and moaning that the path in front was too rough and it wasn’t fair because she’s ‘just a girl.’

She didn’t standby waiting for the men around to clear her an easy path. She blazed the trail.

And when she was trying to quarterback a client that was constantly getting fouled by his opponents and even by the referees (hello- Anderson Cooper) she took that as an opportunity to show the public that his detractors weren’t the kind of people who believe in fair play. They were the kind of individuals who jump a guy 3-on-1 during a live debate. A siege mentality took hold among the Trump faithful. Suddenly the truth became increasingly apparent, and Trump was the underdog, and he (and her) had the kind of fighting guts America is built on.

Kellyanne wasn’t an affirmative action hire. She wasn’t the first choice. She wasn’t appointed campaign manager to fulfill a quota. She’s the first woman to manage a Republican Presidential campaign. And she’s just managed the best one yet.

That’s not evidence that we need ‘more women’ managing presidential campaigns. It’s evidence that anyone that wants to win the White House against all the odds, with every single tentacle of the vast nefarious machine pulling against them better have an ace in the hole.

They better have Kellyanne Conway.


And they better be ready willing and able to outbid President-elect Donald J Trump for her services.

Little girls need role models. The progressives on the cultural left are damn right about that part.

So the choice is yours, ladies and gentleman, you can tell the little girls you love about Beyonce. The so-called ‘feminist’ who once shook her bootie for money at Colonel Gaddafi’s birthday party and endorsed for president a ‘feminist’ criminal sponsored by barbaric regimes that trade women and girls like cattle.

Or you can tell them about Kellyanne Conway.

Who ran the single greatest political campaign in the history of democracy.

We see you, Mrs. Conway. And we thank you.

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