Imagine a society of contempt

Some women believe that the criticism of some women from the MRM seems a bit harsh. I have publicly discussed men’s rights issues, as well as posted links to articles, videos and other content regarding men’s rights issues, in comments on articles and in chat rooms. Many of these discussions, as well as the content that was linked to, contained criticism of modern feminists, as well as some traditional women. Although the criticism was only of the particular kinds of women, it often created a lot of negative reactions from female readers, claiming that the message was either a little harsh on women, or horrible misogyny.

So you think some criticism on the behaviour of those women, which does not claim that there are no exceptions to the criticism, is that horrible?

I ask you all for a few minutes to imagine a society where criticism of your sex is openly given on a daily basis, not just in one group, but all around society. And this criticism is not used as a logical debate, but as a form of hate and contempt. It is viable to be heard at any public place you visited, and that includes the workplace and classes at school and college. Not only do authority figures not do anything about this contempt, but they may join in or even take the lead! All while contempt of the opposite sex even a fraction as bad would be prohibited.

As a matter of fact, imagine that the contempt for your sex is not just in general society, but is even broadcast in the media. Imagine news reporters and journalists are actively bashing your sex, and talking about how inferior you are and how superior the opposite sex is, and celebrating any time the opposite sex is ahead of yours, even in cases where the only reason for that is that they have been given advantages through affirmative action. Also, imagine that all good deeds done by members of your sex, but not of the opposite sex, is hidden behind a job title, and bad deeds done by members of the opposite sex, but not of your sex, are also hidden behind a job title.

Imagine that in the media, characters of your sex are constantly being depicted as bumbling fools, while characters of the opposite sex are constantly depicted as the smart, intelligent, take-charge decision makers, who have to keep the characters of your sex under control, while the characters of your sex are revolving their lives around seeking the opposite sex’s approval.[1]

Imagine that song lyrics, including those from famous artists, are openly claiming inferiority of your sex and/or superiority of the opposite sex, and this is positively referred to in reviews as “empowerment” of the opposite sex, while any hate or narcissism is completely ignored.[2]

Imagine that when physical violence is inflicted against someone of your sex from someone of the opposite sex it is automatically believed that the person of your sex deserved it, while any violence from your sex, no matter how provoked or an act of self defense is unjustified.  Imagine that all focus is put on stopping violence against the opposite sex, even if your sex is the majority of victims of physical violence.[3]

Imagine that it is acceptable for a crowd of people of the opposite sex to laugh when someone of your sex is sexually mutilated.

Do you think the society you are imagining sounds horrible yet?

Imagine that radical hate quotes against your sex are not only allowed to be publicly broadcasted, but the people creating those quotes were considered leaders in empowering the opposite sex.[4]

On top of all that, imagine this society, despite all this, believes that the opposite sex is the one that is being oppressed and held down by people of your sex. And all of what has been described above is not only prevalent in society, but reversing the sexes would cause a huge uproar.

For men, the society described above should be very familiar, because it’s no different than the society we actually live in. For women, however, such a society would most likely be a huge, unjust, terrifying shock.

So, to the women reading this, do you still think that the criticism of these women is too harsh? Try being a man (or, for that matter, even a young boy) and having to endure all the contempt that males face their entire lives for just a few minutes of yours, then you’ll realise what contempt for your sex really feels like. You might even realise how rare and minor is the logical criticism given by the MRM.


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