ICMI2023 – Day 2

Another fantastic day at ICMI2023.

The day started with presentations on mental health and juvenile justice by professionals working in these areas.

There was quite a lot of focus on MGTOW today with a Western MGTOW, well known at A Voice for Men, being interviewed by Anil Kumar. This was followed by an interesting panel discussion of Indian MGTOW. There was even a session on financial advice for MGTOW which contained a lot of useful information.

We also heard from a group of alienated Indian fathers who, with their supporters, walked 65km as a protest against parental alienation. This emulated the Ratha Yatra festival which represents an unstoppable force and is the origin of the English word Juggernaut. Another walk is planned.

Later there was a panel discussion covering the unique problems of non-resident Indian men who are fighting their way through the Indian courts while living outside the country.

The cover image depicts Amanora township, Pune, at night and is under CC-BY-SA 4.0. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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