I had a really lovely experience today

The author of this piece is an MRA. This was first related to a group of MRAs during a casual chat online. Published with permission. The author naturally needs to remain anonymous. –Ed.

I had a really lovely experience today:

I’m doing my first placement as part of my teaching degree and they’ve put me in a boys school. I had my first lesson with some  eighth grade students today. They’re loud, rambunctious and fidgety, but there’s no malice in any of them.

For the first few minutes I was advised to let them get to know me – I gave them some selected work history and education and asked if they had any questions. They asked where I was born, if I knew my IQ, where to go to get your IQ tested and then a boy at the back asked:

What do you think about feminism?

I thought quickly and decided to be honest.

I think it’s cancer.

The room erupted. They were applauding. Some were on their feet. One Italian boy was pointing at me yelling to his friends “I love him, I love him! He’s my guy!”

They were great for the rest of the double lesson.

While I’m very happy that the next generation seem to be pre-red pilled, I’m a little worried about backlash on this.

Should I have been more circumspect?

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