How unchecked female hypergamy destroys society

A wise man once told me that two forces must be channeled in order for a society to function properly. The first force is male aggression. The second force is female hypergamy.

When channeled properly, these two forces are powerful human motivators, which propel society forward towards technological innovation, cultural achievements, and overall satisfaction.

When not channeled properly, however, they will inevitably lead to the collapse of a society.

Unfortunately, the West has been doing a terrible job at controlling and leveraging these forces over the past 50 years or so, and in today’s article, I would like to explain why this might lead to the downfall of Western Civilization if we don’t get these two forces in check.

The Forces of Human Nature

Despite the claims of ideologues, there is such a thing as human nature. Millions of years of evolution hardwired us to have certain biological tendencies. There are a number of tendencies which all human beings have, and then there are some tendencies which are gender-specific.

For men, we often have a tendency towards physical aggression. For well-functioning, adult men, this force is channeled into productive pursuits. It’s what Freud postulated in his theory of sublimation, when he stated that men channel their libido into achieving great things.

Male libido has been a powerful force throughout the ages, which, when channeled properly, will push a society onward to technological advancement, cultural accomplishment, and dominance on the world’s stage. When channeled improperly, however, male aggression can lead to an increase in crime, violence, and ultimately, the downfall of society.

Female hypergamy, on the other hand, can also either build up or destroy a civilization. Hypergamy is the reason why men achieve so many great things. Women are attracted to the top 10% of men, so naturally, men strive to achieve great accomplishments, in order to expand their dating pool.

When properly channeled, female hypergamy serves as a MOTIVATOR for men to achieve great things, but does not stifle them. In a society where monogamy is encouraged, each woman chooses to pair-bond with a man of the highest value she can attain. This gives every man hope that one day, he might have a beautiful wife, and a family.

Consequently, young men strive for achievement. When monogamy is culturally encouraged, each man has a chance to land a beautiful wife. This motivates men to achieve great things, whether it be inventing a world-changing device, or simply climbing the social hierarchy into a position of leadership.

When Hypergamy Goes Unrestrained

In an ideal society, both male aggression and female hypergamy are restrained. The great thinkers of the past naturally understood this; human nature is a double-edged sword. When channeled properly, a society grows and flourishes. When channeled improperly, a society decays and eventually dies.

Unfortunately, our modern culture is doing a terrible job at channeling male aggression and female hypergamy—and as I will soon explain, this has dire consequences.

Currently, our society discourages male aggression to an unhealthy extent, and encourages female hypergamy to an unhealthy extent. This deadly combination is one of the hallmarks of a civilization’s last breathe, because it cannot be sustained for more than a few generations (at most).

Under unrestrained female hypergamy, the top 20% of men mate with 80% of the women. Numerous studies, publications, and research papers have proven what was long “common sense” to be true. Women are biologically attracted to wealthy, charismatic, and successful men.

…and while this might be good for the top 20% of men, what happens when female hypergamy is left unrestrained is that the bottom 80% of men do not have any mates. This not only discourages these men from investing into a society, but it simultaneously ENCOURAGES them to withdraw from said society.

Combine this with the fact that feminists everywhere are discouraging men from being masculine, and you have a gigantic amount of aggression bubbling beneath the surface.

The Cultural Collapse

Societies are complex in many ways, but in many ways they’re also very simple. While you may need many things to form a functioning society, you only need to get a few very important things right. One of these important things, is an understanding of both female and male nature.

When men are ruthlessly persecuted in schools, academia, the media, and in the work force, there is very little incentive for them to continue investing in society. When you combine this with the fact that 80% of these men will likely have very little access to mates, you have the breeding grounds for a revolution.

To make matters even worse, most of the women who are pursuing the top 20% of men will end up old and miserable. After years of being used by alpha males, many women will grow resentful and spout the media talking points about how men need to “man up” and marry them.

Of course, no man is going to marry a 35 year old woman who’s slept with 50 men in her lifetime, so these women will most often end up old and bitter. This will only add to the feminist sentiment that men are all terrible human beings, who refuse to marry a “quality woman.”

What Happens Next

Unfortunately, once female hypergamy is let loose, it’s very difficult to restrain. The same goes for male aggression—but it seems obvious that we have more of a female hypergamy problem than we do any sort of male aggression problem.

Whenever one of these two forces are out of balance, nature will naturally correct them. This will likely happen in one of two ways.

The first way that this might be corrected, is if enough men decide to go MGTOW and only engage in mutually beneficial relationships that are under THEIR terms. Ideally, this is what will happen, and seeing that many men are growing more upset with female hypergamy, it’s not unlikely that society will self-correct this way.

The second way that society might self-correct is far more dire. Women naturally crave strong, dominant men, so when a society forces its men to repress these desires, women will naturally seek a different outlet for it. This is why so many feminists are pro-Islam, despite Islam treating women as property.

It’s because, from a psychological perspective, extreme feminists have a repressed desire for male dominance—and if their society isn’t going to give it to them, they’ll see it out some other way, like by importing millions of refugees from countries where women are stoned to death for showing their ankles.

What’s The Solution?

The only solution now, and the only solution that there has ever been, is for men to start taking charge of their own lives. Don’t pander to feminist ideology, and don’t get into a relationship if it doesn’t serve you in some way. Relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial—not just solely for a woman’s benefit. So, don’t let women use you.

If enough men begin to wake up, and refuse to play into the feminist dogma, many women will naturally correct their behavior to secure a male suitor. Writers such as Roosh have even gone so far as to say that we need a resurgence of Christianity and traditional morals, which to be honest, would most likely be a good thing.

Regardless, we’ve reached a critical point in our culture—we can only go one of two ways. Either men begin to stand up for what they believe in, and fight against the corrupt system that brainwashes young boys, or we allow our country to be invaded by men who WILL do those things.

I understand this is far easier said than done. We have the entire establishment against us. However, their grip is weakening, in large thanks to the rise of the manosphere. In fact, as I previously wrote, it appears that the pendulum is now swinging the other way, when it comes to #MeToo gossip and propaganda.

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