House of Commons debate on International Men’s Day

Last Thursday, along with a number of supporters, I had the pleasure of watching Philip Davies’s debate in recognition of International Men’s Day, from the public gallery of the House of Commons. Our thanks to a supporter for preparing this file (video, 1:22:43) of the proceedings. I’ve put some background under it, including a link to a commentary I’ve prepared, with timings – here.

Two of the most compelling contributions to the debate were from a couple of hatchet-faced feminists, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP, Ochil and South Perthshire) and Paula Sherriff (L, Dewsbury). A couple of SNP manginas debased themselves, in a pathetic but surely futile attempt to curry favor with Mistress – Nicola Sturgeon – whose first act as First Minister of Scotland was to appoint a gender-balanced cabinet.

We look forward to next year’s debate.

Mike Buchanan

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