Heroes and Whores

A Costume Parade Down Your Avenue.

Don’t Forget To Put Up Your Hands!

No, it’s not time for Mardi Gras. You can put away your beads and be-dazzlers. And yes, the bottle of bourbon, too. This is somewhat less entertaining and a little less fun, but there are flashy costumes to look at. So how’s about a peek.

No doubt the title is a little striking. If it’s not Mardi Gras time just what the hell are these two words doing parked side by side. Seems a contradiction in terms, verging on shock value that might put an expression on your face stiff enough to make you realize there’s just no comfortable response for this incomplete sentence. It might feel a little like a fresh botox injection, you want to form an expression but the skin just isn’t moving. That’s called a blank stare. It’s really just a collision of neurotransmitters in the brain competing for the same destination, a complete thought. And while the botox crowd may strenuously struggle to achieve the blank stare of mindlessness with every injection, that’s not the point here. You’ll get no cheap tricks of that calibre from me, and thinking doesn’t result in the production of neurotoxins, at least not for everyone.

You can relax now. Yes, you read it right. Heroes and Whores, just like up and down; in and out and the ubiquitous good and evil; different locations in the same continuum.

Kinda like a melodic progression on a slide guitar. Sounds great doesn’t it? Nice flow, a little change up here and there. It makes you want to tap your toes, doesn’t it? Maybe even hum a few bars. It’s the kinda thing better not to think about, just let it flow – in and out, up and down, one and two and three and four and on and off and good and…Men.

Right out of the middle of nowhere the melody ends unexpectedly, replaced by this nerve cracking squeal in the middle of your head. It makes you wonder when the chalk board was installed. Your standing there contorted and ready to swallow your face and begging for it to stop and it just won’t.

Gimme the botox please, into the right frontal lobe. Make sure you hit the language center. Just let us get back to normal.

That’s how it is whenever I put these two words together. Hero whore, and whore hero. That’s the way it is today. Pick up a paper and read the latest piece on justice or crime. Check the header at the top. Yeah, I’m still on the same planet but what the hell is going on? Seems like sanity has left the planet and I’m in the middle of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Speaking of whores, is it me or do you feel like you’re in the middle of a religious inquisition and moral turpitude has been pre-assigned? Guilt by genitalia seems to be the course of events, like every institute has taken up the cause against the masculine. Feminists are describing it, women are accusing it, cops are arresting it, courts are prosecuting it and governments are funding it. Everyone wants to be a hero and get that guy.

It seems like heroes running to the rescue to save female innocence[sic], the damsel in distress, has actually become big business. Those days are every day and every hour. It’s amazing what you can do with statistics when you vibrate them …on high speed. If you listen close you can hear the orgasmic wave coming from the feminist misanthropes. Ah, Ah AH, domestic violence. Oh,Oh,OH, misogyny. Ooh, ooh, OOH, rape, and of course eeh, eeh, EEH, funding.

What’s left for you is argh, argh, ARGH, unemployment. Make no mistake about what you are reading and witnessing in main stream media. It is the stuff of career making and the corruption is right in your face. When we see crime policies based on ZERO TOLERANCE we must now ask, towards whom?

Obviously in the case of rape allegations there is no hesitation to charge and release information to the media to begin an immediate smear campaign. It’s done to enhance the careers of prosecutors and law enforcement. It is apparent to any thinking person that a media campaign to smear a suspect serves only to glorify the efforts of bureaucrats. When the door swings the other way and allegations prove to be false, just what is it we see of the ZERO TOLERANCE policies?

If you don’t know, just ask Julian Assange. Quoting the feminist fatale Naomi Wolfe, “these women did not make charges against him.”.

Well if they didn’t file charges, what the fuck and who the fuck is the law serving?

What’s incredibly sad is women have been so hypnotised by their own personal vagina monologue that they ms the big picture. They are destroying their relationship to the masculine and continue the effort by supporting rabid social policies and laws that rightly belong on a parker brother’s game board. The bureaucrats continue the effort, with the realization that this is the greatest thing since take out terrorism. They are definitely running with it, to an extent that gives credence and justification to all things spending and career related.

The laws have been completely rewritten in Dudley Do-right legal ease with only one determination: get to the railroad tracks and release that woman from her velvet Velcro restraints.

I’ve always been impressed by people who can provide answers when no questions have been asked. Or file charges when no complaint has been issued. But hey, who says you can’t reshape society with just a liberal arts degree and a lisp. It would seem that saving the feminine from all things….well from all things, has become the policy of the western world. But just who is being saved here? Bureaucratic whores come running with predetermined policy to ignore reality and to apply their particular brand of ideological heroism. I mean, come on, shouldn’t we be having some kind of socialist Oscar Awards here?

We can legitimately ask if charges for false allegations will provide the same career enhancements, and the answer is NO.

So what we are seeing is the absolute worst of government corruption; the effort to charge and convict anyone who can be sold as a villain to the voters. Since main stream media is in lock step with selling themselves to the public we have a media that will not question the integrity of the process. What we have without accountability is bureaucrats running afoul with legal privilege to squash anyone they point their finger at and the money to do it; your money.

It is a conflict of interest that is obvious and not obscured. The payoff is tenured income and a jet fuelled boost to a career. Fundamentally, it is why it serves no purpose to charge for false accusations. The real purpose is career.

It is a perfect scenario for zealous and heroic bureaucrats to whore themselves and the public. Men who have become the primary target in this society will feel hostility and anger for their female accusers, railing against feminist fear mongering dogma. But the real culprits are self-serving prosecutors and lick spittle police painting a career of effectiveness that does not exist, while angling for a bigger budget and legislators purchasing votes regardless of the cost or collateral damage. It cannot be understood any other way when we realize that it is not for the purpose of justice that a policy so clearly stated as ZERO TOLERANCE in fact has a caveat, and that caveat serves to withhold justice.

We have “primary aggressor” laws that tell us whoever possesses the most body mass must be guilty. When that doesn’t work we move to whoever possesses the most testosterone. In one wave of the pen we have discredited our own civilisation and base our judgements on primal notions of animal aggression. We have nothing to teach our children when we direct our judgments in this way. Civilisation against such methods of judgement has been deemed to be a hoax and charade. In these kinds of judgements we can only be animals, the largest preying on the smallest; the strongest preying on the weakest. Literature, art, education and law, all a hoax.

These things do not civilise us.

With laws such as the “primary aggressor” law we are all animals and thugs.

Overwhelmingly, and on a daily basis, we see a justice system not serving the public or the victim, but serving the whore of their very own special interests by glorifying their efforts and seeking more of your tax dollars. It would be no surprise to discover that the truth behind not charging a false accuser is simply because they were prompted by circumstance with no supporting evidence and the culpability of a prosecutor and or the police would be exposed. It requires no more than these questions to justify taking these bureaucrats to task for the integrity of their office and the methods by which that integrity is served to the public. It has become abundantly obvious in these offices of justice that celebrating the discovery of innocence cannot be held up as a standard to evidence an integrity they are attempting to sell to us all.

It has always laboured in my mind to consider what remains of justice when the hero whores have left the scene of a crime. What is left when the feeding frenzy of the media and the bureaucrats have consumed their portion of self-righteous popularity. They fuel their careers by “gaming” us with the misery of their cause and devour more tax dollars for their own privilege. Just what is left when they are finished saving us? Broken homes, family members in crisis, compromised employment, shattered reputations, flamed futures and poverty knocking at the door.

This is not governance, it’s just corruption.

It is not hard to see and to know that in any circumstance of real crime the victims do not seek popularity at the very time of their vulnerability. From this understanding came laws to protect victims, such as rape shield laws and privacy laws to protect our youth and children. We have become so gluttonous for the main stream media’s warped perception of “political game” that as viewers we fuel this social weather and the storms it brings. We are simply feeding a layer of people to protect us while they take our money and our taxes and feed us lies to fuel our fears.

It is not hard to understand that to fight our worst fears and to protect our communities, our families, our children and our futures we must be there in the middle of it. Only from there can we know the truth and respond to it justly. We must be our own heroes. We must stop paying for and relying on whores. These corrupt breast feeding bureaucrats really need to understand that the milk is gone and that it is time to move on to solid food.

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