Have you seen Zoe McLellan?

Have you seen Zoe McLellan?

In November 2020 McLellan’s ex-husband, Jean Gillain was awarded sole custody of their son, Sebastian Gillain.

McLellan had already absconded with Sebastian by then. In May 2021 an arrest warrant was issued for McLellan by the County of Los Angeles, California. As of August 2023 McLellan is still at large. Sebastian, who would now be 10, is also missing.

McLellan is a public figure who has appeared in numerous popular television shows including Star Trek: Voyager, JAG, NCIS: New Orleans and Designated Survivor. Her face is familiar to millions. It is extraordinary that she has evaded detection for so long.

McLellan is originally from Port Orchard, WA. Some locals have speculated she may be hiding out in rural WA. Other sources have speculated that she may have travelled to Canada. We have information that McLellan has wealthy family in the New Orleans area and may be hiding out there.

Anyone with any relevant information should contact the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

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