Governor LePage, are you out of your mind?

Maine doesn’t need this; the only work Paul Cavanaugh should be doing in a prosecutor’s office is mopping the floors and cleaning the restrooms. There are very good reasons why he was not elected District Attorney for Hancock and Washington counties, the primary one being his ethical impairment. It seems the citizens of those counties have a fondness for due process, and Cavanaugh – maybe not so much. In spite of this Governor LePage is now considering appointing him (conveniently without the need for an election) to the position of District Attorney for  Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Knox and Waldo counties.

Please sign this petition and share it wherever you can. Here is the petition summary:

Paul Cavanaugh MUST NOT BE APPOINTED District Attorney of Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo counties without an election!

Paul Cavanaugh was the former long time 1st Assistant District Attorney from the misconduct riddled DA7 office of Hancock and Washington County. A Federal Civil Rights lawsuit has been brought against prosecutor Paul Cavanaugh, his office, six law enforcement officers, four police departments, and the town and county due to the prosecution Paul Cavanaugh and Mary Kellett conducted.

In 2014, Paul Cavanaugh lost the primary election to Matthew Foster (a defense attorney who has never been a prosecutor before).

The voters of Hancock and Washington Counties who knew Cavanaugh chased him out of office. Cavanaugh, together with infamous prosecutor Mary Kellett, were both shown the door by the new DA after the election.

Paul Cavanaugh:

Mary Kellett:

With Cavanaugh and Kellett at the DA7 office, defendants were deprived of their due process rights and access to evidence of their innocence. Their office had the worst record in the State of Maine where indiscriminate prosecutions were devoid of justice, discovery compliance, and ethical obligations. Cavanaugh prosecuted the innocent and gave deals to child molesters to serve as little as 30 days in jail.

Three of the 4 senior prosecutors in Cavanaugh’s office, including the head DA, were disciplined by the Board of Overseers of the BAR for prosecutorial misconduct. Paul Cavanaugh has publicly defended the prosecutorial misconduct, shifting the blame to local law enforcement and the victims.

Cavanaugh is now being sued for in an unprecedented Federal Civil Rights lawsuit brought by one of the innocent men Cavanaugh sent to jail. The man was later fully exonerated after it was discovered that the court ordered evidence of the man’s innocence was withheld.

Now, Paul Cavanaugh could avoid an election and get Governor LePage to just appointment him District Attorney of Prosecutorial District 6 and its four Counties! If he is appointed, he will likely rehire disgraced prosecutor Mary Kellett and rejoin disciplined prosecutor Bill Entwisle to continue the culture of misconduct for which they were all run out of Prosecutorial District 7 in 2014.

This is bad for the Maine justice system and the people of Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo counties who don’t know what is about to be done to them.

Paul Cavanaugh MUST NOT be appointed DA by Governor LePage!

Please sign the Petition and e-mail it to Governor LePage TODAY demanding that he NOT appoint Paul Cavanaugh as DA over the people of Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo counties!

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