Goin’ to Toronto soon…

The University of Toronto administration is rolling out security forces and charging CAFE for their presence, in anticipation of a protest at the September 27 lecture by Dr. Miles Groth; a protest that has neither been announced nor referenced in any online resource we know of. In fact, there seems to be no evidence at this point that there is to be any protest at all, either at the lecture or at the Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis the next morning at 11:00 at Queen’s Park, Toronto.

If that is the case, we are happy to hear of it, and will consider it a positive sign that the University of Toronto Student’s Union and other Far Left elements in Toronto have simply figured out that their protests expose them to richly deserved and self-inflicted ridicule – as well as doing nothing whatsoever to accomplish the abridgement of free speech they seek.

In other words, the inevitable is happening. The unruly children of privilege in Toronto are learning to mind their place, on the sidelines, which is where they belong until they can grow up and learn how to interact as and with adults.

Looks good on ’em.

And, their absence from the event allows us to focus a lot more needed attention on what this talk is about to begin with. The issues faced by men in college and the need for university level men’s issues groups.

With that in mind I am pleased to announce that the film crew that is now doing the documentary on the MHRM is going to be in Toronto to cover the lecture by Dr. Groth and the Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis.

I am more encouraged by their work than ever. I spent four hours sitting side by side with Dr. Warren Farrell on Wednesday as we were questioned by the documentarian about, get this, the issues. Yes, you heard that right. All the questions, and I mean all of them, were about the issues. Not only were they about the issues, they were intelligent, incisive and critically challenging questions designed to get directly to the heart of those issues.

I spent several more hours by myself being questioned on Tuesday, and more on Thursday before returning to Houston. All of it was the same; an honest documentarian who by all appearances is striving to make an honest movie about a controversial subject with no tricks and no games of “gotcha.”

I am glad they will be coming to Toronto where they intend to speak to some of you, and where they also intend to let the feminists who will speak have their say as well. Just as it should be.

And by happenstance some schedules have been arranged and rearranged, allowing some people to make it who did not anticipate the opportunity. People like Dean Esmay, Suzanne McCarley, Karen Straughan, Dan Perrins, John the Other — and yours truly.

We will all be there, at the lecture and at the Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis.  We will be there with perhaps a surprise or three that I can announce in the near future.

People, if you can, come to Toronto. It is time that we put the icing on the cake and establish once and for all that the public discourse on sexual politics and human rights is no longer a monopoly owned by bigots and morally bankrupt fascists.

We are going to gather, peacefully and in numbers, to take your story to the streets. We will not act like the thugs and bullies that have given us the likes of Vanja Krajina, Danielle Sandhu and Chanty Binx.  But make no mistake, come the next weekend we will be heard, and so will all of you. We are not going to settle for anything less.

Any efforts to stop or silence us will be quickly and lawfully crushed.

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