Gather round, good people. Time to #spankaleftist

If I am allowed to brag, I think I have done a pretty admirable job of maintaining an apolitical stance at AVFM. You know, big tent, inclusiveness and all that. It is what you might call Liberal values. Well, unless you know anything about Liberalism.

I suppose I need to (grudgingly) qualify that statement. Yes, I know, NALALT. There now, I have recognized the microscopic minority of you that actually know what you are doing. All bettah now?

The partisan beefs keep coming up in MHRM circles. Like I said, I have generally kept my mouth shut. Like for six years. Now it is time for me to talk and the libs can STFU while I do it. Have a protest in the comments if you want, but I am going on a rant. Mod alert: Please don’t act like a Liberal. Let them talk, such as they do, and feel free to let me know if any of them make sense.

If you detect a certain amount of animus in my mood today, Johnny needs to tell you what you won. You are spot on correct. I’m pissed. And I am not going to give you Dean’s snooty and transparently collegial façade while I tell you to “know your place.” Screw that. Let’s get real.

If it were not for the American Left, we would not have about 80% of the problems with feminists that we do. In fact, were it not for the Left we could just spend our time addressing the gynocentrism in both parties, and probably make a lot more progress since the Right is a good bit more bound to logic and empiricism.

However, no matter how much I’d like to take a solid aim at the Right sometimes, about a hundred times more Leftist whackos make that seem like pointing at one cow turd in an auction barn and saying it is stinking the place up.

After all, whenever we have to engage Fascists and academic lickspittles pushing false research, bullying dissenters and yellow hacks in the press who have made it their work to demonize the MHRM, who do you think we are dealing with, politically speaking?

I will allow you to answer that for yourself but it ain’t Pat Roberson, Sean Hannity or Tucker Freaking Carlson.

How completely FUBAR is it that I am forced to point that out about Carlson? I can’t stand the little twerp but truth is truth.

Let me also say that I am sick and tired of going back to VAWA reauthorizations and over again as “proof” that the “problem is on the Right, too.”

If any of this is news to you, it shouldn’t be. Then again, if you are on the Left you probably don’t know it, along with a lot of other things.

Let’s take a look back at devout Socialist E. Belfort Bax. I think he was the last Liberal in the world who had a spine. I would say he had balls, but you know the Left Wing PC Police would issue me a sexism ticket or something. Anyway, here’s Bax, in all his colloquial glory:

The last point that we have to consider is the relation of this sex-question to Socialism. Some years ago, on its first appearance, I took up my esteemed friend August Bebel’s book Die Frau in the hope of gaining some valuable hints or at least some interesting speculations on the probable future of sex-relations under Socialism. I was considerably disgusted, therefore, that for the “halfpennyworth of bread” in the form of real suggestion I had to wade through a painfully considerable quantity of very old “sack” in the shape of stale declamation on the intrinsic perfection of woman and the utter vileness of man, on the horrible oppression the divine creature suffered at the hands of her tyrant and ogre – in short, I found two-thirds of the book filled up with a second-hand hash-up of Mill’s Subjection of Women and with the usual demagogic rant I had been long accustomed to from the ordinary bourgeois woman’s-rights advocate.”

Essays in Socialism New & Old (1907), pp.108-119”

I guess a hundred years isn’t as long as I thought it was. You can pick up the same exact tripe fresh off the shelf today, all of it written by Leftists with half of Bebel’s intelligence.

Only things are a lot worse. Yes Means Yes Law? Boom. Leftists. Dear Colleague Letter? Bam. Leftist. VAWA? Left. Rape Culture? Left. Mattress Girl at the State of the Union Address? Left. Attacks on the MHRM? Left. Slutwalk Organizers? Left. Legion of Bimbos that fostered #shirtgate and #antigamergate? Left.

Ask Karen Straughan what she saw when she went to a NOW convention and listened to some hulking basilisk passionately warming up all the “vaginas in the house.”

I won’t make you wait for the answer. If she was looking around she saw a string of booths and stands for the American Socialist Party and a dozen or so other Leftist causes. Nothing there from the Right and they probably would not have been allowed.

Feminism. Left.

That’s correct. Feminism is a Left Wing ideology, born, bred and financed, and it is about time those of you talking all this herpy-derpy smack about inclusion and equality for “everyone” owned it.

I know that some on the Left would be most proud to do it. It is, after all, what Darwin, or maybe the sack full of amethyst crystals in their fanny pack,  told them to do.

It is time you people on the Left who claim to support men’s rights do more about it in your own circles but Leftists tend to police themselves with about the same efficacy as the NSA.

I know, I know, you guys are really busy. It is hard work robbing people who earn money so you can give it to those who don’t. It is extra hard these days, having to support two wars you were all shrieking about till your guy got elected.

Think of it this way, though. This is your chance, for the first time in a hundred years, for the Left to be told by its own rank and file to start actually practicing a single thing they say.

So far, it isn’t happening. And it isn’t happening because 99% of you aren’t doing it. Maybe it will take a lot more credible people getting fed up and deciding to #spankaleftist to get it rolling.

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