Fuck You, Tammy Bruce

The old feminism is on the way out, creating a vacuum in women’s politics. Tammy Bruce has apparently decided to take over and fill in the void. Here is her video edict, slickly produced and polished, in which she mightily hails a new breed of feminism, with her at the helm, that is going to replace the corrupt, hateful ideology that current feminism has become. Just watch.

Wow, isn’t that cool? Tammy Bruce has a whole new breed of feminism! She will need a new name for it though; maybe something like feminism-plus or not-the-old-feminism or something else equally catchy and original. Feminism 2.0 is so 2.0.

There are some actual differences between what Bruce is saying and what we have come to know of third wave feminists. First, Tammy does not like sluts and says so with haughty Victorian brio. This is by design. One, she wants to remind women, truly enough, of the power of pussy when they are not slinging it like cheap recreational drugs in a bad neighborhood. She is also reminding women, perhaps unintentionally, that a vagina is for more than just alleging it was violated by someone. Also, she means to raise the hackles of the anti-slut shaming sluts that now fill our universities, and, interchangeably, our night clubs.

This is called publicity. As we know so very well here, offending insane gender feminists is better than a large advertising budget. Tammy Bruce, make no mistake about it, knows that, too.

So her command to women now is to control the dick (and the dicks) by realizing that men won’t buy a cow with so much free milk around. Regain the power of commodity over your vagina. Clean men up and make them presentable because, after all, they need women’s “civilizing” effect. Your father, if the state allowed you to have one, could not have said that part better.

So, what is Tammy Bruce offering women now? It’s third wave feminism with a chastity belt and another big fat shame sandwich to force down the throats of men.

Oh mind you, Tammy threw in all the needed sound bites to satisfy most reasonable, modern people. Every woman is entitled to self-determination, the pursuit of happiness, the right to (insert noble human sentiment of choice here). Men are too, of course, but we can’t fault Tammy for not noticing. No one else does, either.

She rightfully called modern feminism out on its promotion of victim mentality and the completely vacuous worldview of men as oppressors. She was just spot on in the radical idea that women should view men as partners, touting the importance and value in cooperation between the two sexes.

Even as she tells us repeatedly that men are slovenly, unsophisticated, sexually promiscuous pigs.

I am mostly unclear whether she is advocating that women should partner with the pigs, or whether they should use their vagina to control the pigs, clean them up – thus turning them into serviceable men — and then “partner” with them once they are fit for public presentation. I am voting for the latter.

Gee, Tammy, can’t wait. Oink. Oink.

Side note: I have just suffered a twenty minute block in writing this piece. Not the kind of block that comes when you don’t know what to say next. It is the kind of block that comes with not knowing how to say fuck you in strong enough terms without resorting to larger fonts and the caps lock.

Fuck you, Tammy Bruce, in a regular font will have to suffice.

As I said, Tammy is smart enough to know that feminism as we know it, the damseling, distressed, victimized, statistics-pulled-out-of-your-slutty-ass variety of idiots now running academe and the media are just starting to see the curtain close on their 50 year reign of terror. And she imagines, in her mainstream media-addled mind, that she can head the fourth wave as long as she bashes men to a pulp in the process and tries to instill shame and puritan values in women.

Uh, take a look around you, Tammy. You are peddling the same shit gender feminists have made their raison d’etre for a half century. You are belittling men, calling women superior, screaming for pussy power and pushing to make men of service, while paying lip service to words like “partnership.”
You brilliant bitch, you! How fucking original.

Seriously, Tammy, if you think there are problems with feminism, you are right. If you think you are the solution, then watch your own video while using your brain. There is a lesson in it if you are teachable.

If you want men and women to partner with each other constructively, here is a hint. Pigs and humans are different species. We use pigs. We benefit from them in many ways, but we don’t love and partner with them. Not for the sake of a better society or any other reason. And if we did, it would not work. The pigs will always end up on someone’s plate.

Men and women working together is a great goal, and we will move close to that once we get women (and men) like you try another new product. It’s called Shut the Fuck Up 2.0™. Take your hateful ideas, and get out of the way. You are not helping anything. You are only further attempting to convince people that healing between men and women who respect each other as human beings isn’t possible. Your just like all the other gender feminist whackaloons before you.

There is indeed a response coming to the feminism of old. And it is long overdue. But if anyone has the notion that the next wave of sexual politics is going to include an unchallenged attack on men and masculinity, they are sorely mistaken.

Like I said, fuck you, Tammy Bruce.

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