Feminists welcome Patricia Arquette to hell

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A couple of days before the Academy Awards, Michelle Goldberg speculated in an editorial at the Washington Post that a lot of feminist writers were leaving feminist advocacy over “abuse” that she attributed to anti-feminists online. Little did she know that the worst enemies and tormentors of feminists are other feminists themselves.

And the winner of this year’s award for “Feminist Woman Most Abused by Feminists” is: Patricia Arquette.

After decades of struggling to be recognized as serious and more than 10 years working on the film Boyhood, the matronly Patricia Arquette finally won an Academy Award (“the Oscar”) for Best Supporting Actress in that film. In the brief acceptance speech that follows the announcement of the award, winners typically thank those men and women who loved and supported them in their careers.

But not Patricia.

Well-off and elderly by Hollywood actress standards (net worth of $24 million; she’ll be age 47 in a couple of months), Arquette defied conventional acceptance patois and instead used her tipsy-sounding 24 seconds of fame to make a feminist-lite shout out for equal pay for poor little girls like her.

“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” Arquette said in her speech. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” – as quoted by Time Magazine.

Welcome to hell, Patricia.

The gates of hell into the first circle are as deceptive as UVa coed Jackie Coakley’s rape fabulism: initially, newb feminists were giving enthusiastic consent to Arquette’s brazen pandering:

But before even the next morning’s hung over walk of shame, that once enthusiastic consent had morphed into a vicious post-hoc rape hoax: it turns out that the “Yes!” didn’t really mean “yes” to those statue humping feminists at all. Oh, no.

In the second circle of hell, Arquette was skewered by my personal bum-grabber Amanda Marcotte, who claims that she is a “big fan of celebrities using their platforms to get out the message about feminism” but described Patricia’s 24 second Oscar speech as “political grandstanding [that] played into every ugly stereotype about ‘feminism’.”

Now, that IS impressive: covering the true naked greed, pedophilia, child-killing, child-beating, man-hating, family destroying, sexually incontinent, rape-hoaxing, penis-mutilating, vagina-worshiping, disease-spreading, job-stealing, gay-bashing, colonial, racist, trans-exclusive, patriarchy-blaming, female agency-suppressing, history-rewriting, cannibalistic, lazy, whining, lying, censoring, bossy, loud, annoying, pleasure-policing, fashion-monitoring, gender-alienating, comfort-seeking, Borderline Personality disordered, ungrateful, daddy-issues-having, anhedonic, incoherent and hirsute stereotype of feminism in a short Oscar sentence should have earned Arquette a “Best Screenplay” nod as well.

In the third circle of hell, Arquette met the talons of one African-American womanist named Nyasha Junior, who dropped the worst epithet in their arsenal on Arquette: the dreaded term “problematic”, a Social Justice Warrior curse that is worse than eternal damnation and bodily hair maintenance combined. Drastically misrepresenting Arquette’s clumsily expressed intent, Junior savaged her in the same way a child might be beaten for asking an innocent question about a naughty sex-related word in church.

“Womanism” is the African-American version of feminism that is in an eternal war with white feminists over their mutual failed inclusiveness and the full brunt of both their disputes collapsed on novice feminist Arquette like a feminist fecal mound in a monsoon.

In the fourth circle of hell, Arquette was interned with other feminist newbs in the re-education camp that awaits all those foolish enough to think that feminism grants personal autonomy to its sycophants: an article in ThinkProgress by Tara Culp-Ressler touched on the idea that after relentlessly recruiting and indeed, bullying high-profile celebrities into a nominal feminism, these raw and reluctant converts may actually undermine the rickety structure of feminism.

As feminism becomes more mainstream, and rich and powerful public figures start talking about it, there’s an inherent tension present because activists are worried about feminist concepts getting watered down by celebrities who toss them around like buzzwords.

Of course, back in August of 2014 I wrote about this same problem with chic feminist Beyoncé:

A glowing sign proclaiming “FEMINISM” behind the silhouette of a wealthy, attractive woman sans pants is a symbol of female dominance, not the wretched domestication feminists whine about. Symbols of overt power, while briefly inspiring, are ephemeral and quickly turn into objects of scorn and derision…

Looks like it only took feminists 6 months to figure it out.

As her pain-wracked body writhed into the cesspools of the fifth circle of hell, the forty-four words of her speech were carved into her flesh like stigmata and then slowly dissected, one by one, by Soraya Nadia McDonald, in a piece called “Ripping Patricia Arquette to shreds”.

Why was there specific mention of “citizens” and “taxpayers?” Was she deliberately omitting people? And what of the verbiage of “women who give birth” when there are plenty of mothers who didn’t or couldn’t give birth to their children? Why didn’t she just say “mothers?”

And now WE HAVE HER.

Welcome to AVfM, Patricia Arquette. As you may know, we are the sixth circle of hell for feminists.

All we ask you do to escape is to swallow this one little red pill. You work in movies, right? Do you like sometimes scary science-fiction movies? In the 1990’s era movies like Total Recall and later, the Matrix, swallowing the red pill was symbolic of one’s wish to wake up from the dream world of fuzzy sweet feminists loving everyone in preparation for harvest, to the real world of feminist violence and brutality.

You’ve just experienced the real feminism: the incredible nightmare of political correctness and the narrow path you have to walk to avoid the hell you’ve found yourself in. Now, you need to wake up to the reality of it.

Here’s the thing, Patricia. Every man and woman you know lives in this hell already. Most don’t fully grasp it yet but more and more of us are waking up to it every day. Sure, we are angry and disappointed and we don’t always get along but we are all living better, more self-aware lives now that we are awake to the real nature of the feminist world. Even better: we’ve found others willing to join us in rejecting the hell of feminism. We have lots of women who have joined with us also and we work every day to heal ourselves and reach out to others.

If you reject us, that is okay: you can take this blue pill to keep being a feminist, and move on to the seventh level of feminist hell. What is in it, you ask?

It will be better if we just let that be a surprise.

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