Feminist media censorship puts public safety at risk by Laurie A. Couture

Laurie A. Couture has been writing for years on issues similar to what Erin Pizzey, Dean Esmay, and others at AVfM have done work on. We have been a fan of her work for some time, though she’s never had any interest in the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Recently, she submitted an article to The Good Men Project, only to have it severely edited and then outright rewritten and censored. This will come as no surprise to readers of AVfM, given that we have seen this many times with The Good Men Project. (See for example Bad girls purged from The Good Men Project, Fathers can’t be mothers too, and Feminism’s mythological rape culture

However, this appears to go well beyond The Good Men Project, which any sane person can see is an inherently male-hostile site much of the time. Ms. Couture, a proud liberal, has tried to get information that runs counter to the feminist narrative into the following publications:

The Huffington Post
Feminist Majority
Psychology Today
Women’s Rights News
Men Advocating Change
Futures Without Violence
The Utne Reader
The Atlantic
Miss Representation
Dr. Phil
The Daily Beast
Mother Jones
The Guardian
The New York Times
US News and World Report

She’s also written to numerous government officials, to no avail.

Political partisans on the Right will no doubt want to blame all of this on “the left,” which they are free to do. But in general we see a bigger problem: whether right or left, everyone is afraid to offend feminist ideology.

But perhaps with more people like Ms. Couture, that will one day begin to change.

Are you listening, editors at those publications we named above? Are your consciences speaking to you? We hope so.

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