Feminist Imperialism

Feminists are imperialists. They look around for some part of civil society which is not yet subject to the feminist yoke, they invade it, demand it show obeisance to feminist dogma, and then extract money, privilege and power.

A central strategy they use is to appeal to the prejudiced concern society has for the well-being of women and the prejudiced indifference society has for the well-being of men. Society is willing to defend any women perceived as attacked, and to punish any man perceived as attacking them, without examining the merit of the case. Society is willing join in the attack on any man perceived as being attacked by a woman and to punish any man perceived as defending themselves from a woman, without examining the merit of the case. Feminists reinforce this immoral female privilege by demanding that women be believed irrespective of how ridiculous what they are saying may be.

Feminists exploit these prejudices by a number of tactics. Feminists craft vicious lies about men in the part of civil society they wish to invade, lies that are intended to provoke outraged rejection. Feminists then lie about the people who reject them. They isolate individuals who attempt to confront their lies with truth and accuse them of misogyny, knowing that the accusation of harming women is so toxic no one dares call them out in the lie. Any one who persists will meet a twitter campaign to shame them publicly and get them sacked. Finally, feminists lie to the police about the nature of the rejection they meet and try to get them jailed or killed.

Feminists deploy verbal violence. They have a battery of verbal tactics for insinuating that someone has shameful or immoral attitudes to women or does shameful or immoral things to women. And by using insinuation rather than straight talk they evade the need for proof, evade confrontation with the contrary truth and evade account for their dishonesty.

Feminists deploy emotional violence. They tell stories and orchestrate events that are intended to hurt men’s tenderest feelings. Women who get in the way are subjected to the same. Feminists lack the honour of men, who abjure such attacks as the lowest and most contemptible cowardice.

Feminists do all this to get society to connive at their invasion. They lie, attack and appeal to society’s prejudice to solicit mob enforcement of obeisance to their ideology. Then they get the pay-off.

Some people think the proper defence of a part of civil society under invasion is to make concessions: to institute policies giving effect to what may seem to be reasonable feminist demands. It is not. It is pandering to malice and lies. Civil society has not unfairly discriminated against women. Men and women have wanted different privileges and different duties, they have wanted different roles and different protections. Those wants have formed the customs and practices of civil society which, in the Honey Badgers’ well turned phrase, is ‘perfectly wonderful just as it is and should be left alone to go it’s own way’.

Unfortunately, civil society has not been left to go it’s own way. Feminists have pursued a strategy of piecemeal imperialism. Society is so pro-women that to succeed in this strategy feminists have had to do nothing more than claim that some part of civil society is unfair to women for it to submit to feminist demands. In this way has civil society progressively been brought under the feminist yoke.

The part of civil society that is gamer culture has recently submitted to the feminist yoke. The event of the exclusion of the Honey Badgers from the Calgary Expo showed just how oppressive that yoke is. Not the slightest deviation is permitted. To make sure the lesson was clear, all the tactics mentioned above were used. I was particularly struck by the deliberate use of emotional violence. Someone willed that the Honey Badgers should not simply be excluded, but that they should be made to cry, and the exclusion was orchestrated so that they did.

Kant said the only intrinsic good was a good will. He wasn’t right about that, but he was right that willing is of great moral significance. A good will is a very great good, an ill will a very great evil. The will of those who hurt the Honey Badgers stands revealed before us all for the evil it is.

And this ill will is no small thing. It is a very great part of feminism as a whole. It is drunk on conviction in its own moral superiority; it exults in the power to humiliate and to hurt; it lusts after the power to punish all who do not bend the knee. It can be satisfied by nothing less than the subjugation of all society to the feminist yoke. There can be no accommodation with such a will, no compromise, no concession. There can only be rejection. Society is not in need of feminism: it is in need of liberation from it.

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