Feminism’s cracking foundation

Feminism’s credibility problem is growing.

It was always there. It was always going to get bigger. And now, for the die-hard fans of that particular cult of gender, hatred, violence-by-proxy and self-selecting phony victimhood, even for the self-identifying feminists it’s getting harder to ignore.

Rape culture? Are you fucking kidding me? Of course, campus feminists have been driving our culture’s social narrative with a made-up statistic claiming 1 out of every 4 female college students is being raped.

You can visit the gender studies web page of almost any major university for this nugget of so-called reality.

According to the Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton Ontario: “1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted.”

Roger Williams University repeats the 1 in 4 statistic and, in an effort to bolster the legitimacy of the claim, includes a citation of the original debunked Mary Koss “study”.

Apparently, whatever young gender studies acolyte updated the RWU facts page wasn’t aware that linking to the Koss study, well-known for its fraud would not increase believability of the claim.

The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia claims of their web page that Approximately one in four college aged women is date raped or experiences an attempted date rape during her college years.

At Duke University, where an estimated 7300 female students attend annualy, the campus police department’s web page reports that between January 1 and March 1 2014, there were three incidents of sexual misconduct. They were, one incident of sexual assault, one incident of sexual battery, and one molestation of fire extinguisher.

Although the police report doesn’t include much detail, the fire extinguisher was painted a particularly slutty and inviting shade of red, and the report on the duke.edu police summary page did not use the term “tampering with safety equipment” or “vandalism”.

But if 1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, assuming 8 years on campus, there should be at least 60 rapes at Duke between January and March this year.

If we include the fire extinguisher, only 3 incidents of sexual victimization amounts to merely one-twentieth of the expected number. Perhaps, later in the year, as we approach christmas, rapes escalate, due to abundance of christmas decorations, or snow, and possibly roofies in the egg-nog.

In reality, only .0125 % of the women and fire safety equipment on any particular college campus are likely to face rape, sexual assault, or molestation.

And this, according to feminists, is rape culture. Apparently. But feminism’s credibility problem is growing. It’s increasingly obvious that the matter of the empress having no clothes is widely understood. But just like any totalitarian regime, social pressure produces outward agreement that; oh yes, we all love Dear Leader.

And “we” all have to keep pretending, too. At least, those of us who aren’t snotty-faced kids, naively believing our kindergarden teacher who told us to tell the truth.

But, the empress has no clothes, and a cult of phony self-selected victimhood, violence by proxy, and cultivated conflation of masculine identity with malice is a road to guaranteeing an ever increasing societal disfunction.

In late February the National Post ran an article by Barbara Kay, called Rape culture and the delusions of the feminist mind.

Unlike the snotty faced kids at AVfM, pointing out the emperor’s pimply and bare ass, Barbara Kay’s mention of that populist public feminist fraud signals a non-trivial crack in the foundation that a crooked house is built on.

Even the gender ideologues at squirrel-central are trying, as fast as they can, to paper over the bigger holes in their own public myth making.

A fraudulent accusation of rape, against a musician of significant accomplishment, filed not through any police force or legal court, but in the emotionally frothy forum of internet comments threads on a dozen different web-sites. Ordinarily, the narrative from the populist cult of gender would be uniformly that she is the victim! The accusation is proof!!!! He is a rapissssszzzzzzt!!! And, by the way, and in addition to these noble truths we all hold self evident, anyone who dares to question such orthodoxy is a R-A-P-E … A-P-O-L-O-G-I-S-T !!!!!!!!!!

However, rather than follow that well worn path, our friends, the squirrels over at Jezebel have come out on the side of sense. The fraudulent accusation of rape, and the devastation of such vicious attack-visits into the life of a man so accused, was actually recognized by Jezebel squirrel-editorial board:

Last week, Bright Eyes musician Connor Oberst filed a lawsuit for libel against a reported “anonymous commenter” who posted on various websites that he raped her. But Joanie Faircloth was not anonymous—she left the original comments under her name, and her commenter account was linked to her Facebook. Her broad social-media presence left quite a record, too, and now it will be used to discredit her. It turns out the Internet is not a vacuum, and what we say can have very real consequences.

This is the squirrel-factory recognizing the increasing divide between their own cultivated narrative, and the widely held values of a broader audience. The violent, psychopathic and socially toxic ideology leaves a lot of back-pedalling and explaining to do.

Returning to Jezebel, “what we say can have very real consequences.” Fraudelent accusations, which a year ago, mainstream feminists have said almost never happen – are now acknowledged for the carnage they bring. Social justice, accusation, indictment, and penalty absent of the evidential inquiry of a court of law, practiced by the morally superior – turns out not to be such a great idea.

And, of course in the emerging realization among gender ideologues that theirs is the unreasonable point of view, a great repositioning will follow. This will last, of course only as long as public discourse continues to correctly point out the hatred and violence at the heart of gender ideology. The populist public hallucination that the demographic least impacted by violence is society’s victim class is not what a rational minded demographic will cling to for multiple decades.

Indeed, the dialling back of feminist rhetoric from the flat absurdity of rape culture, sex-differentiated alcoholic unconsent, or mono-directional domestic violence, to merely unreasonable stupidity. Such as the stupidity of claiming the sexual demographic dying in mines, fishing, logging and every other death profession are the secret overlords of the world, while the leisure caste dominating the spending of disposable income, and the electorate, and higher education are, by some strange measure; oppressed. It’s called patriarchy, and when suicide rates, death rates, employment rates, education are pointed out in obvious refutation, well, we are all to be assured that “patriarchy hurts men too, stupid”.

Of course, prior to rolling back the excesses of an ideology promoting male extermination, spousal murder or rhetoric addressing economically marginalized men as out-of-date appliances, that ideology has accomplished much we will all be left with.

As a culture, we have become inured to the feminist screeching of the word victim to excuse acts of profound violence when committed by women. Whether it happens to be true or not, a narrative of past personal grievance is obediently trotted out whenever murder, or rape, or brutal violence committed by woman makes it into our media. So, we are now accustomed to an acculturated belief in not only women as automatic-status victims, but also violent offenders with an automatic cultural pass for any violent or criminal act. Nicole Ryan who hired a hit man to kill her husband was excused because her murder trial was causing too much stress. Kasey Anthony excused of the murder of her infant because, apparently, her father mistreated her as a child.

Meredith Borowiec avoided the 12 year sentence that prosecutors reccomended for the dumsper disposal of 3 of her 4 infants, 2 of whom died as a result of the her bagging and binning them. Why is she, a serial killer of her own newborn not in a prison cell for the remainder of time? Because, according to Judge Peter McIntyre, speaking to Borowiec said “You have no criminal record. All three offences were committed while your mind was disturbed while giving birth. In law, your responsibility was diminished.”

Good news for infant killers. Do it quickly after your kid is born, while that particular pass for killing a baby remains in effect.

We also now have an indoctrinated merging in our culture of our conception of women – who happen to be our sisters, colleagues or friends – with the concept of gender ideologues. Those being the same gender ideologues who have taught us by their actions that they are violent, censorious, totalitarian, amoral promoters of human damage for the questionable benefit of playing king of the hill in an endless and cynical game of moral one-up-manship and false piety. The perceptual line between ideologue, thug, tyrant, and the people supposedly spoken for by such is blurred. Women, who have been too long conflated in public discourse with feminists, now enjoy a deep mistrust earned by the cult of control-by-culitvated victim status.

“Pop-feminism,” as a movement, valorises feelings above reason, cynicism above hope. It has regressed to a point where anything at all, no matter how irrational or how narcissistic, can be celebrated as ‘feminist’.

But assuming this cult, recognizing loss of control on public discourse, continues to dial down from frothy squirrel frappe to mere slimy squirrel smoothie what will be left?

Absent the violence by proxy of feminism’s collaborating enforcers – we end up with a social emotional exhaustion about any claim of victimhood, even from actual victims when they happen to be female. If all sex is rape, as gendered thought police now insist – then exhausted, nobody can muster much actual care for real victims who might be dotted around our social landscape.

However, in the growing public acknowledgement of what most of us have known privately for a very long time, we are afforded the opportunity for honest expression without the fear of life-derailing social reprisal.

As a culture, we don’t have to tolerate the demands of liars, tyrants, thugs, and bullies, simply because they claim our rejection (of their abject reality denying stupidity) amounts to hatred of an entire sexual demographic.

Feminists, after a generations-long tenure in sole charge of gender discourse, should get used to being told, sharply and without apology – to fuck off.

Editorial note: Feature image by Ryan Joy

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