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I have taken a few days to gather the emotional energy to write this article.

You would think after a decade of submitting work for AVFM that a person would be immune to the highly emotional content they write about but it’s a skill I have never possessed.

My son in law was speaking to me about my emotional response to yet another blatant example of the media’s sympathetic coverage of the killing of children by their mums. He rightly said it was not healthy for me to be so personally invested in the issue and that it was not helping me or anyone else when I was so personally affronted by the lies and double standards.

He is right, but sadly for me, I cannot control my gut reaction to injustice and cold-blooded lies.

So, I have postponed the writing of this piece for days.
I think I am as focused and detached as I can possibly be, so let me begin.

Last week, while taking a brief holiday in the beautiful Victorian country town of Daylesford I heard the dramatic voice over for the upcoming news of the evening.

“Today, tributes pour in for a mum and her two angels.”

I had heard the story of a mother who burned herself and two daughters alive in Cranbourne (in my home state) in her car the day before and was right to assume this was the mum and two angels mentioned in the emotive promotional clip.

My heart was thumping as it usually does when this disgusting approach to child murder by mothers is in play with our media.

The whole approach to this story of the murder/suicide was one of “isn’t this so tragic for all involved!” It is presented as something that just happened to all three of the occupants of that fiery inferno which was previously the family car.

We heard endless tributes to the mother from those who knew her and the story ended with some advice for those struggling with mental health issues to seek support.

It was only when I googled the story on my phone to learn more details that I discovered the fact that a mum in Perth had also driven to a secluded location and burned herself and her two girls alive the day before!

There was yet another triple murder committed by a mum in the Melbourne suburb of Tullamarine last year which I was unaware of until it popped up in my research of the current murders.

To be fair, at least the article above focuses on the suffering of the grieving dad.

I have cancelled all of my newspaper subscriptions a couple of years ago because of the endless feminist ideology they promoted on a daily basis so at times I miss important stories.

The Perth tragedy was given the same treatment. Poor mum was clearly overwrought and struggling. If only we had known or could have offered more support.

The husbands in both stories were mentioned as being inconsolable, but the main focus in the news coverage was on the wonderful people both mums were and the sadness that such tragedies create.

There was not even a hint of a whisper in any of the coverage regarding the fact that mums killing their kids seems to becoming an all too frequent event.

Three months ago, a Melbourne mum placed her infant on a train track and lay down beside her. The baby was killed but the mother survived. The traumatized train driver said when he realized his attempt to apply the brakes would not succeed, he closed his eyes on impact.

That mum walked free from court yesterday with a three-year good behaviour bond. She is already back at work as a veterinary nurse and doing well.

Right at this very time, when women have murdered five children in three separate incidents, our biggest selling newspaper ran an article by two white ribbon ambassadors with the following headline.

‘Tackling Violence Needs Every Bloke on Board’

The Co-authors of the article (Melissa Perry and Allan Ball are a part of the executive at White Ribbon. I also believe they are married. Imagine attending a dinner at their home.)

The article was replete with all of the usual propaganda and lies we have been swallowing for decades.

I will give you a few quotes just so you understand the flavour of the piece but the most shocking aspect of this utterly sickening attack on men as a collective was the fact that there was not one reference to the spate of child murders carried out by mothers.

The two authors are beneath contempt. How can anyone claiming to care deeply about victims of family violence deliberately ignore the multiple murders of children committed by women and rest their heads on their pillow each night with a clear conscience?

The timing of this utterly sickening hit piece was not an accident.
I have seen this reaction to spates of female domestic violence before. It is almost as though there is panic among the gender bigots at White Ribbon and I can almost hear them say,” It’s time for another man-bashing piece to distract from these rather inconvenient murders by mums!”
The article begins:

At the time of this writing Australia is waking to the murder of another woman at the hands of a male partner.

14 women in total met violent deaths since jan 1st we also saw 5 children and adolescents murdered by Australian men in January alone.

Four children were murdered in two days at the hands of women but that didn’t cause you any distress? And how many of those fourteen women were murdered by men? I know how often this sleight of hand is used by the feminists who imply and infer so we simply assume men did all of the killing.

I have no doubt men have died at the hands of female partners during that same period but that is never regarded as being newsworthy or particularly tragic.

The article continues:

As a society we’ve allowed the underlying drivers of violence and disrespect to take root and become normalized. That slightly sexist joke, that banter between blokes about a female colleague, talking over the top of a woman just because you can or to use the opportunities for career advancement, they have all contributed to making Australia an unsafe community for women.

This blatant lie and deliberate misrepresentation of the factors most likely to lead to family violence was debunked quite brilliantly by an Australian senator a few years ago but sadly only those who have seen the clip of You Tube would have any idea of the deceitful nature of this billion-dollar government funded campaign which has been relentlessly rammed down our throats for years.

Here is the clip of his devastating questioning of the women in charge of the department responsible for promoting this deceitful, manipulative campaign.

Back to the hit piece smearing all men and holding all men responsible for any violence a woman may experience.

  • Australian men hold some of the most misogynistic views in the western world.

What a contemptible statement.

Here is one of the shocking findings of the poll.

  • Indeed 30% believed women who say they were abused often make up or exaggerate claims of rape.

Imagine that! Thirty percent of men believe women often make up or exaggerate when they claim they were sexually abused or raped.

What is being suggested here? It is misogynistic for any man to doubt the word of a woman who makes allegations? Are the authors suggesting we should believe all allegations made by any woman simply because she is a woman? Are the authors denying the fact that we know many allegations of rape and sexual assault have been exposed as lies?

Here’s a recent one.

Even after she was exposed as an evil liar, this woman faced no charges despite the pleas of her ex-husband. Surprised?

Are the authors suggesting that men who claim they did not commit the abuse or rape in question should never be believed and all good people should simply take their guilt for granted?

  • Australia was second only to Malaysia when asked if it was okay to use misogynistic language online. 14% said it was okay. The global average is 8%.

What constitutes misogynistic language? I know there is nothing a woman cannot say about men. They can openly celebrate the genital mutilation of a man by his partner on a popular radio station (Chrissie Swan on Nova 100 was the culprit) during drive time and face no consequences. So, anything is permissible when the target of your venom and hatred is a man.

Can you begin to comprehend the notion that these truly sick human beings are telling us the women of Australia (perhaps the most privileged and pampered demographic on the planet) are enduring a daily hell as they navigate the deadly dangerous misogynists lurking on every street, office and home in this brutal, woman hating continent?

  • We must end a culture that tolerates disrespect, sexual harassment, assault and rigid gender standards and power structures.
  • We must rethink our attitudes to abuse and violence and acknowledge gender violence exists and males continue to gain from it.

I would like to have the authors explain to me how men as a collective gain from the violence inflicted on a tiny minority of women. What does that ridiculous statement mean?

Do women gain from the violence other women inflict on their children and partners?

  • The short-term game to end violence clearly isn’t working.

What is the short-term game?

  • We need to invest in the front end of the problem and set the agenda on how we engage men and boys using a long-term primary prevention approach.

The piece finishes with a call for more early intervention. In other words, let’s continue to teach the boys in our schools about the toxic masculinity that bubbles and simmers in their genes and demand they respect anyone with female genitalia.

There will be no such demands made on the girls in our education system and of course no girl will ever be called upon to stand and apologize for the far too common murder of children by their mums.

May I return to the mum who lay her infant on the train track?

Melissa Arbuckle was as much a victim as the butchered baby in the eyes of Justice Dixon.

Arbuckle pleaded guilty to one count of infanticide, which in Victoria carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

During sentencing, Justice Dixon agreed with the defence submission that Arbuckle’s was a case that ‘needed to be tempered with mercy’.

‘I agree that you have done everything you possibly could possibly be expected of to attempt to expedite the offence before the court and to recover psychiatrically,’ she said.

‘Your bright prospects for rehabilitation were not challenged by the Crown. ‘

Justice Dixon further accepted Arbuckle had suffered both physical injuries after surviving her murder-suicide attempt, as well as mental injuries from the associated trauma.

Justice Dixon noted she was ‘acutely aware’ that it was beyond the power of the court to repair the suffering and loss flowing from Arbuckle’s actions.

‘I accept your counsel’s submission that you are deeply remorseful for the suffering caused to Lily’s father and to all who loved her,’ she said.

‘You also regret the impact on the driver of the train that struck Lily, and you. Your life and the lives of others has been forever changed.’
‘I also accept that you feel that, because of your own actions, you are under a life sentence. At times you have believed that you deserve any suffering you have experienced since the commission of the offence, as punishment for your actions.’

The court heard Arbuckle was back working as a vet and had entered an agreement with the Veterinary Registration Board placing conditions on her practice and to the supply of treatment reports to its board as required.

It’s so reassuring to know that Melissa is back at work with puppies and kittens and getting her life back on track while her husband says,

  • ‘Some days he finds himself unable to go to work or to carry on. He says that the worst thing that could possibly happen to him has already happened and that seeing Lily at the hospital broke his heart.’

There are too many fathers to contemplate out there in our communities who have had their children torn from their lives either by the corrupt family court or the murderous hands of their mothers, yet not one of them has ever been nominated as a potential Australian of the Year as Rosie Batty was. No-a child must die at the hands of its father before it can be considered a victim of domestic violence.

How must these broken men feel as they see and hear the advertising campaigns demanding men do more to stop their fellow males from harming or killing our children?

How do they manage to control the rage which must well up within them as they see yet another White Ribbon article laying the blame for all violence in the home at the feet of men and only men?

How must they feel when the annual vigils held by White Ribbon read out the names of victims of murder at the hands of men whilst those burned, strangled, stabbed and bashed by their mothers remain forever unacknowledged and invisible?

The past couple of weeks have never made the hatred and demonization of the male population more starkly visible. The contrast in approach and sentiment to the vile, violent actions of females is quite shocking in its unapologetic hypocrisy and ruthless disregard for the victims of their brutality.

Surely any person who kills their own children is mentally unstable or broken? This is not the issue. We don’t doubt that most who commit such heinous acts are damaged in some way but such understanding is rarely, if ever, offered to men who snap.

And for those who are yet to understand the bigger issue-no matter how many women kill our most vulnerable-the evil blanket of collective blame is never thrown over the women of our society.

That is an unforgivably evil action reserved solely for men.

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