Egalitarianism is a Men’s Rights project according to PBS Idea Channel

Update: For AVfM’s official statement on this matter, see We agree with Mike Rugnetta & PBS Ideas.

Quoting notorious bigot Helen Lewis, PBS Idea channel has declared that:

1) All criticism of feminism justifies feminism
2) Feminism is not egalitarianism
3) Egalitarianism is a Men’s Rights project.

We 100% agree with #2, but we think #3 is backwards: Men’s Rights is an egalitarian project, while feminism is an anti-egalitarian project.

Anyway, they really did say all this on PBS Idea Channel. Just watch:

We want to thank PBS Idea Channel for both finally admitting feminism’s true nature as an anti-egalitarian movement, and for admitting that feminists view men’s human rights as something to be fought against.

[Ed. note: featured image Lightbulb By Leon Brooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

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