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Dr. Aaron JesinDr. Aaron Jesin of The Jesin Circumcision Clinic is a family physician and Mohel who does ritual orthodox and non-ritual circumcision. His biography at drjesin.com:

About Dr. Aaron Jesin:
Mohel since 1978.
Performed over 10,000 circumcisions.
Studied under Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Eliezri and Dr. Isidore Cass.
Certified byVaad HaRabbonim of Toronto by Rabbi Gedalya Felder zt’l.

Received Hon. Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto in 1973
Graduate of University of Western Ontario medical school 1977
Rotating internship St. Joseph’s Hospital, London , Ontario 1977/78
Year I medical resident University of Western Ontario 1978/79
General Practice since 1979”

The Jesin Circumcision Clinic Logo


Click on the happy (circumcised?) baby to get this greeting:

Welcome to The Jesin Circumcision Clinic
For those who have made a conscious decision in favour of circumcision, whether based on cultural, ethnic, religious or medical grounds, this Clinic offers an efficient and sensitive procedure to circumcise your male infants and newborns.

 Unfortunately, the baby isn’t one of “those who have made a conscious decision.” Routine circumcision – genital mutilation, actually – of babies, male or female, is unethical without consent. Of the infant, that is.

The rest of the information on his website is overwhelmingly pro-circumcision, with only a hint of risk at “Circumcision Aftercare” where “bleeding” and “infection” is mentioned one time each.

Under “Why Circumcise” we read “The religions of Islam and Judaism require circumcision,” and that “Medical considerations are numerous” such as prevention of penile cancer, urinary tract infections, and transmission of STDs, all of which have been debunked or are irrelevant (see ‘soap and water,’ ‘condoms,’ and ‘very rare cancer’).

“Circumcision Protocol” lists these items:

1. The circumcision is easier on the baby the younger they are. As the child ages, their physiology, anatomy and neurology also matures. In order to entice parents to bring in their newborn earlier, our clinic has a fluctuating price incentive for the procedure. The best rate is given for a newborn up to 4 weeks of age. The cost rises each 4 weeks thereafter.

It may be easier on the doctor, but there is no evidence that it is any easier on the infant, and on the contrary there is evidence that this surgery on newborns results in a greater sensitivity to pain in adulthood.

2. To distract the baby during the actual circumcision, we ask parents to bring along a pacifier and a small container of sugar water (made by boiling water and saturating with sugar). By offering the pacifier dipped into the sugary solution, the hungry baby will often suck happily on the pacifier oblivious to the procedure as it is being performed.

This is a ‘feel-good’ gimmick that mostly works to alleviate guilt for parents and circumcisers, not pain in babies getting mutilated. No source listed for the efficacy of sugar-water coated pacifiers as an anesthetic.

3. Parents will be given the choice of arriving 1 hour and 10 minutes before the scheduled procedure, in which case we will supply and put on EMLA or another local analgesic cream that should reduce pain during the procedure. Otherwise, the parents can purchase and put on the analgesic cream on the penile area themselves. The cream should be applied one hour before the procedure. Our office will explain where it is applied (below the shaft of the penis on the belly side) and it is then covered with plastic wrap to prevent absorption into the diaper and enhance absorption into the skin.

So, a stranger fondling your boys penis is a bad thing that should land the offender in jail and on a sex offender list, but if the stranger is a doctor and that person also mutilates that penis, that’s a good thing, despite no medical justification and that it cures no disease and treats no abnormality.

The medicirc.org link to more info doesn’t work, but under “Medical Benefits of Circumcision” are wildly pro-circumcision, radical, mostly non-sourced, and very old posts relating to just a handful of pro-circ advocates. Just one example:

Uncircumcised Men Harbor More Bacteria
A recent study of immigrant MEN to Israel showed the uncircumcised men harbor more bacteria in the intact foreskin, including more microbes for sexually transmitted diseases, including the AIDS virus.
There were higher amounts of urinary tract infection bacteria in 17 percent of men with foreskins and 4 percent of circumcised men. That 17 to 4% seems to be pretty standard for all sorts of bacteria on the end of penises – so those women when suffer from various infections had best have their male sex partners treated, or better yet, married or not, made to use a condom unless they’re trying to get pregnant and then make sure he sees a doctor REGULARLY.
Contrary to the brainwashing women have gotten regarding the “purity” of men’s peni and their sperm – ignoring the fact that men handle their penises with dirty hands because few men wipe or wash their hands BEFORE and spread hand to penis infection/dirt to their precious reason for living. They seldom wash afterwards either.
It is fact that the peni is often the transmitters of bacteria that can cause women great harm and even death in unprotected sex.

No source listed for “men handle their penises with dirty hands because few men wipe or wash their hands BEFORE and spread hand to penis infection/dirt to their precious reason for living.” Is that a scientific term? Hopefully something got lost in the translation.

Under “Mohel Humour” there’s this not-so-humorous (but telling) entry:

Q: What is the technical term for an uncircumcised Jew who is more than 8 days old?
A: A girl.

See Dr. Jesin on “Mensch Life TV” in 2011 discussing “The Circumcision War” where he states:

…’babies have free choice, but we must skew that free choice’…

…’female genital mutilation is mutilation and wrong, but male genital mutilation is just circumcision’…

…’why let people have all these choices?’…

Jesin ProtestJesin Protest SignDr. Jesin has been dogged by controversy over his continued ritual circumcisions which involve using the mouth (or mouth with tube which Jesin claims to use now exclusively) to suck the blood off the mutilated penis, a practice that has harmed infants, sometimes fatally, by infecting them with herpes. Performing this surgery in a non-medical setting as he does, even with the tube, has extraordinary risks for infection with herpes and other diseases. He strongly believes that religion requires this mutilation. He also tries to paint intactivists as anti-semitic and attempts to discredit them and their motives. Here’s a recent story about the controversy, here’s another, and here’s some interesting correspondence between intactivists, the public, and the Canadian medical establishment.

Since Dr. Jesin has incomplete information about the risks to your child, you can research that here at neonatalcutting.org.

His practice information follows:

4256 Bathurst St. Suite 203
Toronto, Ont. M3H 5Y8
Telephone: (416) 635-5012

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