Don’t give up on marriage? Request denied.

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The problems with marriage and relationships that have helped create and sustain MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way – are not just confined to feminist-generated man-hate. Conservative women and their presumption of control over standards for men’s behavior are also at fault.

Every few months one sees articles, usually appeals by conservative women, imploring men to come back to civilization and somehow fix what feminists have broken: relationships between men and women.

Presumably, these non-feminist conservative women will look on admiringly as men rush to the rescue again.

In response to the “sexodus” of men abandoning both dating and marriage, in December of 2014, an article by Laura Perrins  co-editrix of the British publication The Conservative Woman declared:

[Men on dating] websites are heavily outnumbered by women (perhaps this confirms the sexodus). Sexodus men should know that not all women agree with the third wave feminists who want masculinity to be squashed. Many women do want a partner for life, and not on wholly unreasonable terms either. And remember you only have to find one! Just one. She is out there if you only put down the video game long enough to look.

My comment back then was this:

Actually, given the divorce rate, men who believe in marriage must find not one, but a series of wives, each willing to settle for less as the ex-wives plunder our wallets.

Until conservative women rise up in numbers to smite the hairy feminist hordes, don’t expect men, denied any voice on gender issues, to come running back to an estrogenic conflict we know we cannot win.

#WomenAgainstFeminism are making a difference but need more voices.

The latest article in this genre is by Kathy Gyngell, also a co-editrix of  The Conservative Woman. She implored:

The crux of the matter is where all this leaves children. As [Peter] Lloyd points out:“not having a father leaves a hole in the soul of a child”. The next generation should be of concern to men as much as women. That’s why men playing victim, however badly they have been treated, is no answer. It will not stop that gap. It will just speed up the sexodus.

The challenge for real men (and real women) is otherwise. It is to challenge feminism not to ape it.

Guess what, honey: REQUEST DENIED.

Marriage has become utterly useless to men. A married man is a fool. He has married the state, not a woman. The woman is merely the excuse for the state to harvest his labor and savings.

You cannot shame us with that “real men” bullshit any longer. We have broken the chains of obligation without recompense. The gate is open and the stallions are gone. Get the fuck over it.

Women dominate the social structures of society, from the family, to education, to divorce courts, to criminal justice, to every other institution of power. Women voters elect the toadying sycophant men who preside over women’s abattoir for the male gender.

If you want men to join in this fight for you again, with all due respect, you must join us, make it worth our while, and prove yourselves to be worthy, hard-working and compassionate partners to men.

Suck it up, buttercup. Men are sick of your shit and we will not take it any more.

When women like feminist firebrand Shulamith Firestone starve to death alone in their government-supported hovels, the fact of men not caring is not misogyny. It is a learned apathy, an extinction of our bonding instinct, killed piece by piece through societal torture. Our instincts are now undone, except perhaps for avoiding losing battles and enjoying a life independent of women’s endless demands.

We just have more fun things to do than to submit to the brutal slavery to women any longer.

Until YOU fix your own problems, you can jump right off for all we care.

If you see a man who is absurdly happy with his life, rest assured, he has discovered the joy of living as MGTOW. More and more men figure this out every day while you bleat your helplessness.

I know that men can find a joy in solitude that eludes the lonely souls of women. I know it because I found it.

Helplessness is no longer a good look for you, darling.

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