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Well, we are just a couple of days away from the changing of the season and of course that means it is fundraising time at A Voice for Men. Fundraising here is not exactly the same as it is at a standard blog.  The money we receive is not just support for the entertainment value of blogging, it is a vital aspect of the activism we aspire to launch with every passing day.

At the risk of being a braggart, I think we have gotten some real bang for your buck.  Since this site launched, we have gained some encouraging media attention, created A Voice for Men Radio, underwritten and provided technical support for Shrink4Men Radio, launched and generated some respectable media attention for that important effort.

In the process of all these accomplishments, we have scared feminists into trying to hide public information, prompted a prosecutor to seek a gag order against us and have risen to the top as the number one rated Alexa website on the internet that deals specifically with men’s rights issues. We have also attracted a very impressive and growing body of skilled talent willing to take us to the next level and beyond.

It has all been fantastic, exhilarating, time consuming and expensive. And if there is a downside to all this it is that the things we built also have to be maintained and further developed.

And for that we absolutely must have your financial support

So please take the time today to visit the donation button provided in the right sidebar of this website. You can support all we do at AVfM with a one-time donation of any amount, or choose the option to make monthly donations via automatic deduction.  There is also a P.O. Box provided for those that prefer to mail in checks and money orders.

Also, thanks to AVfM supporter Bev, from the Great Land Down Under, we are able to offer an added incentive for donations. She has provided AVfM with a quantity of very nice embroidered patches of one of our logo’s.  It is very good quality work and can be sewn on to almost anything from baseball caps to jacket sleeves to whatever.

Starting today, until the fundraiser ends on Friday, September 30, all those who provide AVfM with a $50.00 donation will be sent one of the patches as a gift.

Holy Cheese Covered Whacky Fries! 50 smackers for a patch!! Yes, that is a lot in exchange for that kind of gift, but remember, this is to fund our activism; to finance FTSU, if you will, and as you know our work is getting pricier, and more effective, all the time.

Allow me to say thank you in advance for all those that contribute with any amount. You have already helped push AVfM into territory never seen before in the MRM.  If you can, please help us push harder, like until people start screaming. Thanks.

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