Darwin’s Rejects attempt to disrupt CAFE event

On the University of Toronto campus on August 5, some of Darwin’s Rejects, a.k.a. feminist protestors, attempted to disrupt yet another Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) event.

The scheduled speaker was Igor Serebryany, who started an organization in Russia for fathers called All Russia Fathers’ Committee. Using his experience as a reporter, columnist, editor, and a former producer of BBC World Service, Serebryany was prepared to talk about the issues men and children face in the Russian courts. “I can speak about this issue 25 hours a day,” Serebryany said.

I’m not going to report on the details of his lecture in this particular piece, but I’ll post his lecture on YouTube shortly. I will say it was a distinct pleasure to meet him. Serebryany was completely respectful to all, even politely interacting with the feminist protestors.

However, I can’t say the same for those feminist protestors—I call them Darwin’s Rejects because of their inability to evolve beyond rudimentary disruptions—who decided they would try to prevent Serebryany from speaking.

They did delay the lecture for a short time—and managed to provide attendees with some comedic relief—but ultimately they failed in their mission, and the lecture continued without interruption, followed by a Q&A.

But I did witness some extremely disturbing actions. Shameful, disgusting maneuvers that should not occur on a world-class university campus. Behavior that is contrary to the evolution of learning, justice, equality, and society.

When Darwin’s Rejects arrived at the event, they came in just like a gang: about a dozen or so of them marched in and took up seats in the last two rows, eager to unleash their fembryonic understanding of equality from their half-baked Gender Studies brains.

I paid light attention to them, not wanting to inflame the situation. After all, maybe they would have some intelligent questions—or just one intelligent question—instead of the usual baboon-level buffoonery we’ve come to expect from these feminist specimens of higher learning.

It truly is as if evolution has rejected them. Their inability to make cogent points and still populate post-secondary campuses in large numbers must have Darwin rolling in his grave.

Still, I’ve seen some pretty rare things in my life, so maybe this was going to be one of them.

And then the lecture started.

With that, Darwin’s Rejects began chanting and making use of noisemakers to disturb the peace. CAFE organizers called campus security and asked attendees to leave and gather in another area to avoid any confrontation with these increasingly disruptive, aggressive feminist protesters. I walked up to some attendees to pass along a message about the location of a second gathering point. And then I switched on my cellphone camera to grab some footage of Darwin’s Rejects.

I’ve edited the footage to protect innocent attendees. We already know feminists won’t be held to the rule of law and are given free rein to terrorize individuals and groups on Canadian university campuses.

I then watched as campus security did nothing to stop or to remove the protesters. Security didn’t do anything because it was a protected right of the protesters to disrupt lectures. They have the right to free speech, don’t you know.

The very right that the feminist protesters were trampling all over by disrupting and attempting to silence Serebryany was being used to protect their own idiocy.

At this point, for the most part attendees had left via the stage door, and one of Darwin’s Rejects decided she was going to follow them to harass them some more. There was a bit of drama at the door and I watched it all unfold.

The female protestor tried to push through a male attendee standing at the door, which resulted in her assaulting him and in the process tripping herself up. She immediately tried to claim that this was an assault on her. She deployed the full “demented damsel defense.”

We all know how it goes: A female feminist makes a false allegation, and any and all male feminists within earshot beat their chests and come to her aid. They are usually rabid in their attempts to prove what Good Men they are, ignoring evidence and eyewitness testimony. What brave, upstanding male feminists they are, willing to help file false charges against another human.

But, hey, it’s all good, right? Because a girl screamed, some male must be guilty, right?

Unfortunately for her, and for the rest of Darwin’s Rejects, I witnessed the whole event. As an aside, if you’re reading this, Ms. False Accuser, when you run into someone, you are the one perpetrating an assault. They stood there, you tried to push by. You tripped yourself up in your attempt to further harass law-abiding individuals.

And sadly, the only law upheld here was the law of gravity when Ms. False Accuser tripped, as campus security made excuses not to evict those who were there to harass and disturb innocent people. Common sense would dictate that these protesters be removed from the hall, and if they so choose, they could protest outside the hall. That didn’t happen. Instead, the lecturer and attendees (who had donated money to the event) were forced to relocate due to some irresponsible policies created to protect feminist feelz over the rule of law.

I predict that it’s going to be a lively lecture season, folks. Grab your cameras and come on out to enjoy the show as Darwin’s Rejects demonstrate their devolution.

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