Danielle D’Entremont: Where is the feminist outrage?

To The University of Toronto Student’s Union, Ryerson Student’s Union, Huffington Post, Jessica Valenti, Charles Clymer, Tori Shepherd, Vincent Matak, Amanda Marcotte, David Futrelle and similar others:

You have all either helped spread or even profited from spreading the idea that men’s human rights advocates pose a threat of violence to women, particularly feminist women. Some of you have gone to extremes in this pursuit.

Recently a young woman, Queens University student Danielle D’Entremont, claims to have been physically assaulted outside her home in circumstances that led her and some of you to insinuate that it was a men’s activist who committed the alleged crime.

So far, men’s activists have pledged $2,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible, if indeed there was ever an assault committed in the first place.

That leaves us with a simple question. Why aren’t any of you stepping up and either joining us or pushing in other public ways for this supposed crime to be solved?

It would seem that accomplishing that would not only foster justice for D’Entremont, it would also be a key opportunity for you to prove your contentions about the men’s movement. It would provide a very damning example of our actions, which you could cite in the years ahead.

You will undoubtedly need such a talking point since the SPLC has been so publicly and terminally discredited.

Where is your outrage for this young woman, one of your ideological sisters? Where are your demands for justice on her behalf?

It seems that all most of you have mustered so far is to blithely parrot D’Entremont’s innuendo and to mock the skepticism of MHRAs who are not convinced that a crime was committed, save perhaps a false police report.

Seriously, given that all of you have a great deal of investment in discrediting us, this is your big chance, isn’t it?

To be frank, I am baffled by your rather tepid reaction. This could and should be a watershed event in your work to underscore your claims.

Unless you think she is lying.

It is hard for me to imagine a world in which feminists believe one of their own has been assaulted by an MHRA, for doing nothing more than expressing her views, and aren’t raising all manner of hell about it. It is harder still, for me to comprehend why AVFM and Men’s Rights Canada are more invested in finding answers to all this than you.

What kind of movement contains people that will try to silence dissent by pulling fire alarms, pounding batons on the floor, tearing down posters and shouting down speakers at public events, but then suddenly become blasé when one of their own, a woman, gets punched in the face repeatedly for simply being a feminist?

My money is on the idea, and I don’t think I am alone here, that it is the kind of movement filled with people who may not really want this case to be solved; with people who think she is lying.

If that does turn out to be the case, it looks like we will need to find a movement that is concerned with false accusations.

That should not be too hard to find.

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