Criminal charges for Pauley Perrette crew forthcoming?

Season 11 Premier of NCIS, A Voice for Men files complaint with LA County Grand Jury; Perrette, and some of her pals might be residents of LA County Jail before season’s end.

For those of you who have been following the “Hollywood” melodrama in Los Angeles County Courtrooms, you are well aware that A Voice for Men  and the National Coalition for Men have extensively covered the stories of the false restraining orders and the silly and manufactured alleged criminal actions of Mr. Francis “Coyote” Shivers – all of this at the hands of his vengeful ex-wife, Ms. Pauley Perrette, one of the stars of the highly rated television program, “NCIS”, which debuts its season 11 just a few days from now.

Well TV fans, this organization is not just a reporting blog. On July 31, upon a cooperative effort, a 250 page formal public corruption complaint has been filed with the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. The complaint also contains nearly 90 exhibits that contain public records, court files, declarations, trial and deposition transcripts, photographs and audio and video recordings. The attachments encompass more than 1,500 pages. A copy of the cover letter to the Grand Jury can be found here.

In addition, another ten (10) governmental oversight and regulatory bodies and political committees have also been notified, and those notifications, all sent via U.S. Certified Mail with tracking numbers, have been included in publicly recorded court declarations by Mr. Shivers. They can be found here.

After an extensive six month review, encompassing over 1,000 hours of research, investigative effort, interviews, and line by line reviews of court records; the evidence is overwhelming, staggering and factual that Ms. Laura Pauline Perrett, aka “Pauley Perrette” has indeed demonstrated that she is a master at the art of the false restraining order, and a master at the compromise and corruption of legal professionals and public officials to achieve this goal.

The evidence reveals that not only have public officials been compromised, they have been romanticized in a nearly pornographic way to accommodate the wants and wishes of this seriously disturbed celebrity.

The combination of the abuse, misuse, manipulation, and exploitation of the restraining order process by Perrette and her cohorts, combined with the compromise of public officials is perhaps the most egregious example of the abuse of this process in the history of the State of California and should be the catalyst for legislative change and complete reform of the restraining order process in the state.  This is restraining order abuse on “steroids.”

A Voice for Men has received a staggering amount of responses and emails both on and offline to the articles that have been posted and we have purposely waited until this time to release this information to see what kind of response was received from all of the governmental bodies notified. The hornet’s nest has been stirred up and it seems now that the jig is up everybody is in crisis and “cover our ass” mode. It makes you wonder, who will be the first to “snitch” especially when presented with such overwhelming evidence.

As you can see from the cover letter to the Grand Jury, this kind of abuse of the restraining order system can only happen with the compromise of public officials, thus the main reason for the complaint to the Grand Jury which is a complaint of public corruption, and secondarily the goofy unlawful antics of Perrette and her paid cohorts. Yes, I did say “paid” and besides the dozens and dozens of examples of perjury, we also include conspiracy as well as a host of other federal crimes, state crimes and various professional rules and policy violations.

Also explicitly clear is that what happened to Francis Shivers has happened in many other similar cases, and the same names come up with the same M.O.. Many others frustrated with the indifference and retaliatory actions of law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts, and frivolous civil actions by less than ethical legal professionals, have inundated AVFM with pleas for help. For all of those who we could not address or assist, it is recommended that you print out a copy of Mr. Shiver’s public record court declaration Mr. Shiver’s public record court declaration  and file similar complaints.

Although the sheer size of the Grand Jury complaint is massive, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are still many more issues to address with specific agencies and oversight bodies. More complaints will follow and many more articles on this site and others will provide readers with facts and helpful information.

One of things that should anger every taxpayer is the waste – the waste of hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of taxpayer dollars – that have been issued to the City and County of Los Angeles under the auspices of the Violence Against Women Act in state and federal grants to pay for police, prosecutors, and judges to go after people with frivolous and manufactured actions. All of this just to satisfy some disturbed and delusional celebrity or wannabe celebrity.

Another thing that should concern anyone is just how vulnerable you are when you get in the crosshairs of a celebrity or wannabe who uses a very powerful legal tool that requires no proof with zero chance of sanction even when evidence of perjury, conspiracy, and fraud have been provided. It also helps to have a slime ball lawyer or two or publicist in your corner and a handful of corrupt star struck public officials in your pocket as well. Just last week, a prosecutor from the LA City Attorney’s office compromised a criminal case when she approached actor Tom Hanks in a courtroom hallway to thank him for his jury duty service. That’s a big no-no; the defendant in that case pled to a lesser charge, as was extensively reported by TMZ.

Hopefully this action will result in Perrette and her band of clowns spending some time in the slammer – and it should, given the mountain of evidence we have gathered. For that, I don’t think anyone would object to the use of their tax dollars in such a manner. Since we’re talking about wasted tax dollars; when, not if, some of these folks get convicted, let’s hope that restitution is ordered. A check by Perrette for a million or so dollars should cover part of it, and the rest can come from the pockets of the corrupt legal and criminal justice personnel.

Probably the worst outcome of this whole circus is that the gross abuse by one person, one person, aided and facilitated by those in the public trust. The biggest losers they create will be those actual and true victims of intimate partner violence, both men and women.

It is suggested that anyone who reads this post, all over the United States and in other countries, take it upon themselves to write to the same agencies that have already been notified; write to your local elected representatives, your congressional representatives, your U.S. Senators; hell even the Easter Bunny if it will help, and tell them that the time to completely reform the restraining order laws is a decade overdue; it is time, using this example, to completely reform this process with an eye on not just protecting victims of intimate partner violence, but also on punishing false accusers and those who facilitate them, including lawyers, police, prosecutors and judges.

Putting it plain and simple: prosecute false accusers. Perjury already is a crime in California and every other state; start using it, yesterday.

We completely support anyone; man or woman, actual victimized by intimate partner violence. On the other hand, those who falsely use this as a tool must be sanctioned and that includes petitioners, lawyers, especially lawyers, and the judicial officers who issue these false and ridiculous restraining orders in order to protect their own jobs and asses, not…protect the children…or…err on the side of caution, like they like us to believe.

The case of Pauley Perrette and her abuse of the restraining order is one thing; the compromise of public officials is something else and should concern everyone. It is very sad and disturbing that the vast majority of law enforcement, prosecutors and judges are ethical and honest public servants, and when a few corrupt and compromised public officials engage in these kinds of actions it poisons the whole barrel.

The bottom line: the restraining order process, in its original intent, was a good idea, but that is not what is happening now. What is routine; what is common; what is the norm in this legal culture is that the restraining order process has been twisted and distorted so that it does not resemble its own legislative intent.

We can thank Pauley Perrette for shining a light on this. Maybe a legislative change proposal calling for civil and criminal sanctions for false accusers and their lawyers can be called “Pauley’s Law.” Maybe when that happens, Ms. Perrette and a few of her cohorts, including some recently fired public officials, will testify before some type of legislative committee, properly attired of course in a “County Jail” or “U.S. Department of Corrections” or some other appropriate facility name printed on orange jumpsuits.

Despite all of this negativity, we also have to look at the bright side. Maybe the producers and writers at CBS and NCIS will use this scenario and re-write this season’s ending, with character Abby Scuito suffering some type of psychiatric breakdown; similar to her publicly revealed lengthy stay in the Cedars-Sinai psychiatric unit; then the end of the show, forever.

“Pauley,” you blew it; the first one would have gone under the radar, but like any big league ball player, no matter how good you think you are, there is always somebody else who is better.  Do yourself and everybody else you have dragged into your mess a favor: claim your brain was taken over by aliens, rat out the grease ball lawyers and others you pulled into this, rat out the corrupt public officials that you “schmoozed,” repay the millions of taxpayer dollars you wasted, publicly apologize to all of those who you have hurt, including your ex-husband who has been terrorized by you and corrupt public officials for a decade; give him restitution for a decade of terrorism, and simply go away into celebrity obscurity. Maybe you could sell used Dodge Caravans or bake muffins.

To CBS and the NCIS producers: sorry, folks; you all bought into this; your little money-maker squeaky clean star is, well, not so squeaky clean. Hey, every good thing comes to an end at some time. Too bad for the other actors, the crew, and the fans. This could have been stopped a long time ago. It wasn’t, but now, the cat has been let out of the bag. The civil rights of a man and the integrity and honesty of our legal system is more important than television ratings.

Anyone disagree?

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