Circumcise a four-year-old boy who doesn’t want it? Obscene.

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Heartless Judge orders circumcision against boy & his mother’s wishes and orders his mother not to tell him she is also against the surgery! “Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen issued a final order Friday”
This is the email I sent :
You should quote this sentence at the top of your articles published section: “The risk of side effects following male circumcision increase by up to 20 times if the procedure is carried out after the boy turns one year old, a new study suggests.”
I think the strongest argument is that your son isn’t an infant any longer and there can be psychological damage to him at this age if it is done now! The strongest argument is that at this point the decision should be put off until Chase turns 18 and allow HIM to decide. His emotional well being MUST be considered as he is just too old at this point to force him to undergo the unnecessary surgery. Please tell your lawyer to add that argument when you make your case.

Orthodox Jewish Website Condemns Judge’s Forcing Circumcision on Gentile “forcing a woman to submit her son to a brutal violation of his person, against her best judgement”

Boynton mom sues to stop circumcision “According to Gillen’s order, Hironimus signed a parenting plan in December 2011 and Nebus signed it about a week later, calling for Nebus to arrange for a circumcision. The agreement was entered into the court record Jan. 2, 2012.”

“On November 6, 2014, a Florida court decided that a healthy four year old boy will undergo an unnecessary, risky surgery at the insistence of his father. The boy’s name is Chase and his mother is fighting a battle to save him.

According to court records, in December 2011, Heather Hironimus signed a parenting agreement which gave Chase’s father, Dennis Nebus, permission to have their (then) baby boy circumcised. Three years later, Chase is still intact, happy and healthy.

Heather Hironimus realized over the years that removing Chase’s foreskin was unnecessary, and as he became older the surgery, and anesthesia, were fraught with additional risks. She argues that the surgery is purely cosmetic and the parenting plan no longer pertains to a now older, and more aware, boy. Pediatric urologist Charles Flack told the judge that circumcision is not medically necessary.

Genital autonomy advocates believe Chase’s physical and mental health are at risk. He is aware of his body and does not want to have surgery on his genitals. Forcing a child to undergo cosmetic surgery is a violation of basic human rights and medical ethics. This is an unprecedented case worthy of international media attention.” see

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