Christina Hoff Sommers: Men’s Rights is ‘Taking it a Bit Far’

It took two months exactly to finally come up with a response to Christina Hoff Sommers and her co-host for their Femsplainers episode “I Was Falsely Accused of Rape” simply because like anybody trying to be productive, I keep busy and otherwise I had been trying to figure out how to articulate it. Here is my video uploaded on Bitchute entitled: “A Rebuttal to Femsplainers Regarding Erin Pizzey and Men’s Rights”.

Yes, I know in the clips I used for commentary they say Erin Pizzey is “taking things a bit far” and I keep on using the word “going too far” as if I was quoting them. My mistake, but the idea is the same.

Actually, I did in fact write them a lengthy letter regarding my concerns the week that episode of theirs aired. To this day I don’t believe they’ve responded, be it directly or on their listener reaction. Not surprised, actually. I had considered making it an open letter, but there’s really nothing in it that I didn’t address in my video.

Even after two months I think it’s a very revealing segment where Christina Hoff Sommers professes to praise esteemed activist Erin Pizzey for her early involvement in the women’s movement, and at the same time proceed to both ignore her likewise early involvement with men’s issues (that got basically no support by comparison back in the day) and outright dismisses her current involvement in Men’s Rights.

A few years back, Paul Elam of A Voice For Men posted a video on youtube calling out Christina Hoff Sommers, which I think was a well-deserved and refreshing take. Predictably, perhaps, he received a lot of reaction that bemoaned the fact that he was attacking a “potential ally” and that he ought to build bridges instead of burning them, to paraphrase their general message.

As I say in my own video, perhaps somebody ought to tell Miss Sommers and her circle of gossiping equity feminists just that. Instead she seems more interested in taking shots at those involved in the Men’s Movement in earnest just for a few laughs, and it is clear enough to me that she is thoroughly uninterested reaching out and having a civil discussion with anybody in that world.

Let us not let the dialogue regarding men’s issues be dominated by those meagre feminists who decry any Men’s Rights Advocate for being “angry” and insist that only feminists talk about the issue for some bogus notion of “balance”, the same kind of feminists that have no problem with the mutilation of baby boys’ genitalia because of “cultural tradition”, the same kind of feminists that talk up traditionalist roles expecting the gynocentrism of male altruism.

“Equity feminism” sounds nice and dainty and safe, but in turn one must consider what Jordan Peterson clarified many times about equity: it is “equality” of outcome, which has nothing to do with equality of opportunity nor the equality of responsibility, which feminists have done their best to ignore where it benefited them.

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