Chin up, David!

David Futrelle has revealed that his blog, We Hunted the Mammoth, is in financial trouble. He advises that he might have to reduce posting frequency or close the blog entirely. Don’t do it David!

As I’ve often said in the past, the most powerful words we have are feminist’s own words. I often call feminists the marketting department since their ramblings so often bring visitors to our sites. A proportion of these visitors agree with what we say. A proportion of the visitors who agree with us stay to help.

That’s how I got involved. I first heard about men’s rights from feminists. I investigated. For the first time I found people who saw the problems I saw. Many of them had dug deeper than I had though. I read and read for six months before saying a word. A decade or so later here we are.

Their rage against us is so all consuming that I can explain all of this and it won’t make any difference. On they will rage.

This is why we will ultimately win. If they could somehow remain silent, we win. If they rage against us, we win faster.

So keep on keeping on David. Please continue to rush to judgement, jump to conclusions, stretch the truth and by all means continue to pick cherries. After all, exercise is good for you.

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