Boycott Divorce Corp Movie? “Mother’s Rights” Versus Fathers

Divorce Corp, a documentary due to be released in January 2014 is causing quite a stir between mother’s rights / “women’s rights” and groups of men and women who support equally-shared parenting. In calling for a boycott of the movie, so-called mother’s rights groups are quite upset that Divorce Corp advocates for more fair and balanced divorce and family court process, something that apparently irks those who for years have enjoyed courts centered around them. As shared-parenting is being advanced across the world, it appears that many in the “mother’s rights” arena are calling for a boycott of Divorce Corp in an effort to maintain their position of total control.

It should be noted that you can not find one father’s rights group that advocates for family courts that are centered around fathers having primary physical custody and control–but you can find hundreds of mother’s rights group that advocate for that. These women are at the front for the equality movement?

Mother’s rights groups are particularity upset with (and boycotting the documentary) Divorce Corp over the fact that the producers of the movie advocate for an equal system that puts mothers and children “within reach of abusers” (in their scare-language) as if men are the only abusers and domestic violence offenders, or child neglect and abuse perpetrators.

Another fascinating concept I see put forth by mother’s rights group in calling for a boycott on Divorce Corp is that 60% of women who have children in the world have a son. And these women are calling for a family court system that makes sure their own sons are marginalized when they become adults? Where are these mother’s rights groups going to be when they, as a paternal grandmothers, have very little access to their grandchildren because she helped lay the foundation for biased courts?

Also, there is a lot of talk about protestors who will be boycotting the documentary and harassing those that go to see the movie, and attempting to harass movie theaters that host Divorce Corp. Are we sure that men are the only humans on earth that harass and use aggression to forward an agenda?

Where are the many thousands of women in paternal families who have for the past 80 years watched as their sons are systematically marginalized by feminist-controlled family courts? Courts that have no problem with seeing all of your sons as potential abusers? Have any of the mothers witnessed abuse by women on their sons? If so, why are you not standing up to these radical mother’s “rights” groups who are calling for your inability to love and help raise your children and grandchildren equally?

In some ways I am happy to see “mother’s rights” groups boycotting Divorce Corp as I think it will allow the shared parenting movement to finally show that mothers like this have no desire for equality unless it benefits them personally, and will allow our movement to draw in more resources from women in paternal families who realistically make up the largest segment of father’s rights groups.

Lastly, it should be known that we think a vitally important part of getting the equal-parenting and shared-parenting movement to a national consciousness is for there to be a group of women that does not allow men in their ranks; men have their own movement and groups on this and we support them. But we think there should be women-only groups, women who are tired of watching feminism and mother’s rights groups advocate for a system that harms children and the relationship with their fathers. So boyycott away ladies! Boycott Divorce Corp so that we can use your advocacy to draw in more women into our movement for equality.

If you are a woman in a paternal family who is concerned about your son, husband, brother, or nephew’s ability to have a equal relationship with his children, and radical groups attempts to call your loved one’s abusers, then we would love for you to use the comment section below to leave your thoughts. And, please do not forget to share this post on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter so that others can join in the conversation.

The Proposed Boycott of Divorce Corp Should Teach Women a Few Things About Equality

If the proposed boycott of Divorce Corp and calls for protestors to disrupt and harass those going to see the movie teaches us anything, it is that there are very well entrenched groups who benefit from the family courts, and for women in paternal families, it certainly is not you.

Our organization tries regularly to get women to see that malicious mother’s groups and officers of the courts, who have for a century labeled your sons as only abusers who should pay money to the system, has kept you from having a normal life with your grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews–and maybe even your own father.

It should also teach women that there are radical groups who have hijacked the idea of equality, whose purpose is to demoralize and malign your sons for an agenda. This is not what feminism was supposed to be about. Or was it? You should really be asking these mother’s rights groups about their idea of equality because the family courts is a major red herring that stands in the way of equality.

We encourage women in paternal families to make more of an effort to get in touch with your activism as it relates to family law, and hope you will view Divorce Corp and tell us your experiences with any groups that were boycotting.

Again, the ONLY argument these malicious women have against family court reform is that all your sons are domestic offenders and that there are no false accusations. It is time for women in paternal families to stand up to these malicious protestors and stop their false narrative.

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