Bird watching

I used to go bird watching when I was young but I haven’t done it in a long time. I was thinking of getting back in to it. I thought I’d just discuss some of the birds I’ve watched over the years as some of you might like to take it up too. It can be a very rewarding hobby.

I love watching tits through binoculars while hiding in the woods. There aren’t any tits where I live in Australia, though. I’ve only been able to see tits when travelling overseas. I think the tits in mainland Europe look great.

In contrast you can find boobies in Australia, but only on the coast. Over the years I’ve whiled away many hours sitting on the beach watching boobies.

Like myself I know a lot of you will enjoy watching a screamer but you’ll generally have to go to South America to see them in the wild.

Some people like looking at cocks but that was never for me. While I’ve always left the cocks alone I never had a problem picking up chicks.

I’ve found too, that some people really hate getting woken up by cocks. But if you’re going to live with one you just have to accept it. Cocks will be up early in the morning and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There was one time I really wanted a shag but I couldn’t get one. You can only get them in Europe. Besides, the government would object to me trying to bring one home.

I hope this short discussion on bird watching has sparked some interest.

Anyone interested in this topic may wish to visit the anti-feminist Facebook group Make Birding Great Again which people may find is a little more serious than this article.

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