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Authors note: Recently I did a video on my YouTube channel, primarily targeting the fringe anti-Semite commenters that have popped up in small numbers. There were not very many, but just enough to annoy from time to time. In that video, I invited them to spew their bile elsewhere, perhaps not-so-politely. The result was a small shitstorm of rabid conspiracy theorists that was, to be honest, a little surprising. I suppose I have not lost all my naivety. It is still hard for me to imagine hate on this scale, apart from feminism.

I have made it a point to say, with as much frequency as necessary over the years, that I have never claimed to speak for the entire men’s movement. I limit my authority to my own opinion, and to speaking editorially for AVFM and AEFM. In that spirit, I have done my best to draw firm lines between this corner of the men’s movement. I won’t provide a platform for misandrists, misogynists, homophobes, racists or for any other group whose identity is predicated on hating and demonizing another class of human beings. I’ve made efforts to clear them out of our ranks, citing feminism’s abysmal failure to do the same and how that metastasized into the cancer we see today.

That position doesn’t change with anti-Semitism.

With that, I am publishing the script of my video exactly as I read it, with instructions to the moderators to act with purpose on any attempts use the comments here as a platform to spread hate.

The day I feel obliged to provide a platform for people who hate is the day I will pull the plug on all of it. Thank you. PE


OK full disclosure here. Culturally speaking I don’t know Jack about Jewish people. I was raised in mostly rural Texas. To us, Jews were those people in the 10 Commandments. And like the head Jew was played by Charlton Heston.

Heston, being the head Jew and all, lead the other Jews out of Egypt, and somehow managed to get lost. They wandered around looking for Israel for 40 years. Now, checking the map and seeing the short distance between Egypt to Israel left me with a lot questions about just where the heck there were lost, and how they managed to wander that long without stumbling on Israel, but that isn’t the point and it’s me that starting to wander.

The point is that as dutiful Texans, we didn’t give Jews too much thought. Heck, I bet 9 out 10 people I knew had never met a Jew – much less had anything against them. Besides, most people in late 1960’s and early 1970’s rural Texas were too caught up in hating blacks and Hispanics, two groups for which we had a tote bag full of colorful descriptions, all of which I remember with varying degrees of embarrassment. I grew out of my need for such descriptors and indeed came to view them as less than amusing when I started growing up and using my brain, but there again I digress.

Anyway, I guess there was only so much hate to go around, and what with so many blacks and Hispanics already on our doorstep, we could not be bothered to hate on Charleston and his people just for having a bad sense of direction.

Fast forward about 45 years and I am pretty much the same way. I know a little more about Jewish culture, and of course I have learned all the stereotypes about Jews, and I have learned about a truckload of conspiracy theories about Jews owning the world, running things as a secret and no so secret cabal behind the scenes.

I’ve heard there were no Jews in the twin towers on 9/11 and a dozen or so other equally implausible examples of nutcasery. A lot of this can be found popping up here and there in the comments to my videos, which explains why I am talking about it today.

This talk is for you guys faithfully coming in here to defend decent god-fearing folk against the sinister Sons of Abraham.

I have seen you coming in here for years. I’ve seen your dutiful comments pointing out things like Sandberg is a Jewish name. I’ve seen you ask, to no one in particular, if we ever notice that there are so many high profile Jewish feminist activists. Some of you have come here looking so hard for Jews in the material that you think you have found one in me.

Incidentally my first death threat email was from someone who thought Jew was my first name. He called me Hey Jew, and he wasn’t talking about a Beatles song.

That too, is ironic, considering I am a rabid antifeminist. I am not exactly a good fit with your Jewish feminist conspiracy motif.

I have gotten emails from you urging me to address this supposed elephant in the room in my videos.

And you know what. You’re right. Since for whatever reason you guys are part of the landscape in the men’s movement, then I suppose I am way overdue to address this in a video.

So, anti-Jew crusaders, today’s your day.

To fuck off and die.

But before you do either, allow me to offer a response to your most common assertions. You can take it with you on your way out.

First of all, this business about all the feminist Jews. And, of course, the implication is that there was a structured conspiracy by Jews to use their fellow Jews to destroy the goyim’s family structure and take over the world, which strangely they already supposedly own.

Apparently, Skepp Torr and the other Jewish MRAs I know didn’t get that memo, but that is the basic theory, anyway. Feminism is a Jewish conspiracy. One of thousands, I suppose. And the total of evidence that this is true is the fact that a lot of feminists are Jewish.

But how about, just for a moment, we not indulge ourselves in totally dismissing Occam’s Razor.

There are some people. Roughly anyone with a brain, I’d say, that think the Jewish culture is one that is predisposed to engage in political activism, particularly in areas that involve human rights.

There is likely something in Jewish history, though I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, that may have made that kind of activism appeal to Jewish people.

Oh, that? Well, that, at least according to the turdburger fringe of the men’s movement, didn’t really happen. It was a hoax. Concocted by who else but Jews.

At the very least, even if you hate Jewish people, you must give them credit for cleverness. Faking a suicide is a very difficult thing to pull off. These motherfuckers faked genocide, and everyone on the planet but Chis Boyle and his merry band of knuckleheads swallowed it hook line and sinker, including yours truly.

So, to this point let’s do a quick review.

We have two possible worldviews on Jews in feminism. One, about 20 years after the attempted extermination of the Jewish people, they developed an understandably heightened interest in social activism.

They also found themselves in the emerging cultural clash between right-wing conservative and leftist liberal movements. Perceiving the left, including feminism, as the heir apparent path a better world, not to mention preventing another Holocaust, they went that direction, admittedly getting caught up in the leftist delusion with everyone else on that side of things.

Consequently, many Jewish feminists rose to prominent awareness in the movement, thus their disproportionate representation among the ranks of feminists today.

In support of this, we also see the same over-representation across several leftist causes.

OK, that’s one view.

The other is that Jews faked their own extermination, secretly took over all the banks, and quietly schemed up feminism in secluded, dark rooms, by the light of a menorah. And now, as a part of the master Jewish conspiracy, they are using feminism to enrich themselves and gain even more power. That’s the other view.

Take your pick.

I would talk on more of the conspiracy theory stuff, but I already shoot fish in a barrel for a living. I don’t need any more targets.

I do, however, want to address the urgent question of whether I am, in fact, a Jew.

Now to start out honestly. I must admit that Skepp Torr did declare me a conditional, honorary, temporary Jew without benefits some time ago, but I am sure that has expired, and besides, that title would not count on a Kibbutz anyway.

Nonetheless, Chris Boyle, one of the more frequent visitors here from I-don’t-like Jewsville, insists that I am Jewish, and points out to me rather bluntly that Elam is a Jewish name if he ever saw one.

Where he got that tidbit of insight I don’t know, but I was quite tickled by it.

You see, I used to think of my name in terms of much deeper history. If you look through a chronology of world maps you will see that the nation of Iran used to be called Persia. And before that it was called Elam.

Elam, later known as Persia, then Iran. Jewish to the core I tell you.

But that really isn’t the story. I used to think my name came from that ancient land and was proud that it was reference in as far back as Genesis in the Bible.

Genealogy corrected me. My name goes back to the county of Elham, in England, another historically odd point of origin for a Jewish man.

I say all this at the risk of all the denizens of I-hate-Jewsville rushing into the comments here to tell me that I am defensively denying my own heritage.

After all, they have demonstrated enough creativity in their beliefs to conjure up just about anything.

But the truth is I almost wish I was Jewish. If I was, I’d probably never stop pointing that out to the “feminism is a Jewish thing” crowd. Just one more bit of fun in my otherwise fun life.

Now, why does any of this matter? Well, this is our community. Like it or not, we have some outliers that need more help than reforming family courts is going to give them.

The temptation is to just boot and ban them on site. After all, other than saying, “Look, there’s another Jew!” there’s not much they have to offer. And, even more importantly, the left-wing media, which they also regard as a Jewish conspiracy, loves to point to them as representative of the men’s movement. It’s a burden that both MRAs and MGTOW bear with relatively equal frequency these days.

But I also like the idea of letting the challenged dig their own holes in life. So as long they don’t cause a real distraction, I am inclined to let them stay, and perhaps have a shot at some common-sense rubbing off onto them from the other commenters. [note to mods: I have since revised this policy to be far less forgiving]

Anyway, I know this talk is a bit off topic, and not what you expect me to do, so I anticipate some down votes and the comments to go with them.

That is part of the package here, though. I stay on topic till something puts a burr in my ass and I have to stop and take it out. I will be back on the wagon and doing my regular gig come the next video.

Meanwhile, as always, I hope you’ve enjoyed, see you next time, and Shalom.

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