As always, it falls to Men

As a child, I always wondered why my family spent so much time doing things that appeared, at least to me, to be without meaning or merit. Church, for example, was clearly an obligation. No one looked to be enjoying anything. We bounced up and down off our knees with the frequency of a fluffer on a Houston set. I was required to wear an abrasive polyester three piece suit and to follow dutifully as the family engaged in scripted banter with other cue card carrying members of society.

My father worked hard, was rarely home and when he was he slept or worked on the house and car. My mother was simply obsessed with other people’s opinions.

Nothing was ever discussed about love, life, or the pursuit of happiness. I can only assume their reasons being that it took everything they had just to paint all the numbers in the picture window each month. Passing acquaintances and strangers caring little or not at all.

I just didn’t get it.

And so I was determined to do it my way. I was going to execute this life, my marriage and my family in a way that would focus on us and not “them.” We were going to be an autonomous unit of love. Singularly resolute in our loyalty, not only for each other but to our life and our pursuit of happiness.  I choose my wife based off a deep and thorough analysis of consumer advertising and movie characters. I of course knew women were caring, deeply compassionate, forgiving and fundamentally altruistic. I was excited with the prospect of an iron trust and my ability to be vulnerable with my wife, my one true love, my soulmate. We married in a picturesque church and danced on the bay. Surrounded by wildlife, all in attendance celebrated God’s true love.

But then something very odd, something very unexpected began to happen. As my time passed, confusion began to emerge and grow. Why was it my responsibility to put the seat down so that my equal did not actually fall in the toilet? Was my mind slipping because I was sure I had repeatedly told her that account was critical not to be used? How is my flying out at 3:30 am to be by her side all day at her work function not good enough?

It was clear I had a lot of work to do to be a better man. I even questioned my viability at the office. How could I possibly continue to distil complex technologies and abstractions into simple digestible terms for large audiences if I couldn’t even communicate effectively with my soulmate? To a person who I knew was deeply concerned with my opinions, my desires, and my needs.

I would improve, I would change, I would fix this.

Of course what I finally came to realize was that she did not give a single fuck what I thought or wanted unless it met with her agenda. It was always, from the very beginning, all about her.

And this is the point gents. The baseline. The big picture. This is the salient fact with which we all need to come to terms. It is the catalyst by which the destruction of the family unit and the raising of healthy children is realized. It is a truth in need of balance. And one unchecked, will inevitably lead to chaos and destruction.

In my marriage, it is truth that the actions of my spouse were a focused and premeditated approach to enhance her life through the continuous and constant utilization of myself and my utility, without compunction or moral constraint.  A conscious approach to use me for her own gain, and at my expense. This is also the red pill consensus on female nature.

Let’s now view that statement with the subject being Men.

It is the nature of males to enhance their lives through the use of female labor, their disposability, and expendability. In this indifferent use and disposal of females, the male feels no guilt or morality.


It appears that while female nature is an intelligent and necessary approach for the survival of offspring, it is clearly a destructive force post a survival based civilization.  It matters not the rational evolutionary path of female nature. It matters not how female nature metastasized in modern times to an abject indifference and abuse of the very people that made their luxury and lives possible. What matters is what we do now. What we do for our sons.

Modern day gynocentrism is a model whereby men are fully controlled for the sole purpose of meaningless survival and entertainments. It is an abject waste of a man’s life and creativity. A waste of experience, learning, adventure, growth, and the ability to pass real wisdom to our sons. Wisdom that will allow our sons to begin their journey of life exploration from a plane far beyond the illusions we inherited. Modern day gynocentrism is, I would argue, the curtailing of the human spirit and its potential.

Gentlemen, we are being played and women are more than aware.

Rejecting this modern day gynocentric model is our charge and our responsibility to our boys. I also submit it is our responsibility to our ancestors. To all the men that did what they had to do for true survival. For food and shelter, literally. For fighting the wars to ensure our freedom and to see us use that freedom in the true service of our children, ourselves, and our society. Not some nagging abusive oppressive sow.

So ask yourself, for yourself and for your boys. What would the world be like now with all our technology and safety and medicine if Men, the gender that loves to contemplate, that has ambition, that strives for excellence and accomplishment, what would be if those millions were conditioned to simply be who they are, who they know themselves to be, that for which they were born. To be free to pursue, explore and understand that self at the earliest of age and continue that path for life. The next generation picking up where they left off.

What would this world look like?

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