Anita Sarkeesian: The early years, part 2

One of the more remarkable things about Anita Sarkeesian is that she managed to go years in the mainstream press–the video game press and general audience press–without a whisper of questioning or criticism of her dogmatic assertions or her non-stop victim narrative. A truly responsible press would have done more to investigate her claims.

YouTube has featured a number of very thoughtful, erudite critics of Sarkeesian for the last two years–Investig8ive Journalism, Thunderf00t, The Amazing Atheist, and many, many others–exposing all sorts of questionable practices and methodologies, that were otherwise acknowledged almost nowhere else. For example, the following is a very informative two-part series on Anita Sarkeesian. We find Part 2 particularly enlightening and full of information a lot of people don’t know:

You can view Part 1 here.

We would, indeed, argue that the raging GamerGate fire in many ways started in the Sarkeesian debacle wherein, while she may indeed have received over-the-top angry hate mail, there was still never any acknowledgement that there was anything questionable about any of her assertions, and any who dared to bring this up were aut0-accused of being misogynist, neckbeard, basement-dwelling losers, etc.  That indeed may have been where the pressure started building until it finally blew with the Zoe Quinn debacle.

For more on what Jordan Owen and his partner are up to in exposing all this, you may want to subscribe to his channel.

Note: title image by Susan Nilsson and used under Creative Commons license, cropped to fit our format. –DE

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