An announcement from The Patriarchy regarding Aaron Clarey

Note: This article is also available in Spanish.

We are pleased to announce that the Grand Patriarch has made a decision regarding Aaron Clarey and the controversy over his comments on the feminist-inspired Mad Max film. The Grand Patriarch met with the Council of Patriarchal Overlords (the Lesser Council of Patriarchal Shitlords was excluded from this decision because, well, duh, they’re shitlords) and has the following declaration to make to all MRAs, globally:

Whereas Aaron Clarey is a man who writes on men’s issues but does not consider himself an MRA; and

Whereas Aaron Clarey is a man who likes women but does not like feminists whether they are women or men; and

Whereas Aaron Clarey is entitled to his opinion on any subject, as are all humans;

Therefore, the Grand Patriarch and the Council of Patriarchal Overlords declare that henceforth and forever more, all thoughts elucidated by Aaron Clarey are to be shared, without hesitation or reservation, by all MRAs everywhere until the end of time.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

You are required to subscribe to Aaron Clarey here.


[Dictated from AVfM Bunker 327 and entered into the record by Janet Bloomfield, head stenographer and cookie baker.]

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