All in the same boat—really?

It is a universal truth that a person’s rights end where another’s begin. Put another way, the right to swing my fist ends at the other man’s nose. You cannot gain rights to anything without infringing on the rights of others. There are only so many rights to go round, and feminists who claim their rights without proper regard for the consequences for everyone are engaging in little more than an irresponsible social mutiny. It cannot end equitably.

The proof for what I am saying is there before us today.

Men and boys are now being unreasonably and unconscionably harried and vilified everywhere you look in society. Women are invading their work and social spaces (for example, boys cannot join the Girl Guides but girls are allowed in what used to be called the “Boy Scouts”). Maleness is being pathologized in our schools and mocked in the media. And all this is the result of feminism. Surely that cannot be right?

The stock response of feminists is that men have been repressing women for centuries, and this is the justification for their rebellion. They truly believe the wholly unsupportable lie of “The Patriarchy,” although it stems from the greatest logical fallacy there is—the argumentum ad ignorantum—the argument from ignorance—meaning that no factual basis for the feminist interpretation of patriarchy exists. And they neatly fail to acknowledge the intellectual truth that two wrongs can never make a right.

Feminists have been enormously successful in implanting this lie in the minds of most people today. Most people believe that there is a mismatch in social power between men and women and that so-called patriarchy is out to get women.

As I have pointed out repeatedly on this blog, men have no more shaped society to suit them than the moon is made of blue cheese, as any sensible reading of history (that is, other than through the lens of feminism) shows.

For centuries, women were held in the highest regard in civilized nations such as Britain and North America. Under the common law principle of couverture, they were accorded enormous privileges over men. The so-called man-shaped society actually protected and cared for women (and their children, which is the point of it all) in a social security system in which men were charged with the responsibility to care for and protect women and step up to the plate of provision and responsibility for their children.

Society has moved on. Economic growth and social development have allowed us the privilege and the luxury of being able to consider human rights. It has also allowed women’s roles to develop. There are many more opportunities open to women today than hitherto—but the same is true of men. Men, too, have been “liberated” from many heavy responsibilities that also held them back from truly fulfilling themselves.

Men have never held women back—or down. For most of history, they neither had the time, the freedom, nor the power to hold women back. They were too busy surviving—and ensuring their families survived.

The idea that men have always dominated women is an egregious falsehood, but on the back of it, feminists have irresponsibly, greedily, and selfishly kicked over the tables in the temple that is society. In the name of “equality,” “liberty,” and “rights,” they have demanded freedoms that would have accrued to them anyway.

Feminists have replaced the status quo ante with an antagonistic, adversarial, demanding society in which it is a given that women’s needs must take precedence over men’s. In the name of equality, feminism is actually promoting inequality. That is fundamentally wrong and, in its very essence, inequitable.

This ideological blindness is dividing us, cancelling all means by which men and women could ever find an accommodation with one another—an ability to forge a future jointly.

What women don’t realize is that they have been duped into embracing an ideology that purports to be to their benefit but is actually a deeply divisive creed, intended to use them for its deeper purpose, which is to bring down society as we know it. (Just look at “My Challenge” to see what I mean.)

What those women who espouse feminism (and those turkeys-voting-for-Christmas—the men who agree with them) seem unable to see is that they are promoting a partisan ideology that in its very nature is inimical to all that we hold good in our lives, and that in doing so they are destroying their own lives.

By dividing women from men—setting them against men—feminism is fomenting a battle that neither side can win. It is a battle of attrition that will inexorably grind the whole of society into the ground.

The tool of totalitarianism down the centuries is to divide and rule, and that is what feminism is doing to our society today. Its other main tool is to keep people in a state of fear and antagonism to one another that keeps them occupied and diverted from threatening the power of the state. Furthermore, if you diminish the strength of men, you will prevent their rising up against injustice. It’s a neat trick.

Feminism is not about equality, it is a one-sided totalitarian ideology that in its very essence deprives people of peace and harmony: those derivative qualities of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People who have bought this pup have allowed themselves to be deluded by a bait-and-switch trick.

The truth is, PEOPLE have rights—they’re called human rights. It is called egalitarianism. So, if you are an egalitarian, how can you be a sectarian when it comes to your rights? Why not just include everyone? How can women’s rights exist separate from men’s rights? How can that be a reasonable proposition? Are we not all in the same boat?

Many right-minded and thoughtful people, worldwide, are finding themselves discomfited by what they see is happening to men and boys in our society today. This is why significant—and rapidly increasing—numbers of men (and, it has to be said, women of conscience, experience, and intelligence too) are waking up to what is happening among us. They are rising up, taking a stand for egalitarianism, for fairness, and against totalitarian injustice.

Mothers of boys are increasingly worried about their sons’ future welfare in an increasingly stridently feminist society that puts the needs of girls above them. Many fathers are deeply afraid of the toxic anti-male rape culture that is widespread on our university campuses that is placing young male students at such risk of false allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Yet, they continue to espouse the idea that feminism is a good thing. If they could but see it, the feminism that they hold so dear is the cause of their concerns.

No one can logically be for feminism and for equality—let alone fairness, rights, or common sense—and I challenge feminists and their fellow travellers to ask themselves what will society look like when feminism finally fulfills its aims? Will it be fair? Will it be just? What will have happened to the balance of people’s rights? Will there be any left for anybody?

Herein lies the acid test of what I am saying …

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