A response to the ‘Weekend Sunrise’ interview in Australia

At the conclusion of ICMI17 the following message was read out on stage by Robert Brockway in response to the ‘Weekend Sunrise’ broadcast on the Seven Network in Australia earlier in the day. For those that haven’t seen it the interview can be seen here. –Ed

We invited Cassie Jaye to this country to attend the conference and take part in other media events during her visit.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Cassie Jaye in person. She is a lovely young woman who has made an amazing documentary.

The way that Cassie has been treated by certain media programs in this country is absolutely appalling.

‘The Project’ on Network Ten and ‘Weekend Sunrise’ on the Seven Network have been entirely unprofessional in the way that they have dealt with Cassie Jaye. As an Australian I am ashamed that our media would treat a foreign visitor, or anyone, that way.

The manner in which the hosts of Weekend Sunrise spoke over Cassie and acted in a very unprofessional manner during an interview is astounding.

There is much that could be said about the Weekend Sunrise interview. I am going to focus on only one point.

Referring to conversations about men’s issues Andrew O’Keefe said “Why not have them with regular men not guys who are in charge of the most misogynistic, anti-woman, anti-feminist organisations in the world.”

I’m the managing editor of A Voice for Men, and the president of the soon-to-be-incorporated Australian Men’s Rights Association. I live in South East Queensland.

Would Andrew O’Keefe come here to South East Queensland, look me in the eye and call me misogynistic and anti-woman to my face with media looking on?

Andrew, do you have the courage of your convictions?

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