A portrait of oppression

Mona Eltahawy seeks to destroy The Patriarchy. Being so oppressed makes her a high profile feminist as we all know that within feminism the person with the most oppression points wins! As we will see, Eltahawy scores big.

This poor woman was born in Egypt, a country where today a third of the population live below the poverty line. Eltahawy herself was born to middle class parents who were engaging in medical research. By all accounts her childhood was safe, secure and she always had enough to eat, such was the extent to which she was downtrodden. When she was seven her family moved to the UK on a grant provided by the Egyptian government so that they could continue their research. Oppression! Starting at 15 she spent a few years in Saudi Arabia. During this time Eltahawy had it far harder than anyone else who happened to be living in Saudi Arabia at the time or at any other time.

Later she studied at the American Univerity of Cairo, graduating with two degrees in Mass Communication. Further proof of her subjugation. After university Eltahawy worked as a journalist in Egypt and Israel. She went on to write for The Washington Post, The Guardian, and other publications in the mainstream media. This poor beaten-down woman.

She eventually moved to the US and gained citizenship some years later. Sheer and unadulterated persecution.

Eltahawy is, by her own admission, a secular radical feminist Muslim woman. As such she is often preyed on by evil patriarchs and oppressive menz. The menz have so much power as a result of The Patriarchy that they are able to stop her travelling, speaking publicly and publishing books.

Today Eltahawy is so oppressed that she travels the world to say ‘fuck The Patriarchy’ wherever and whenever she pleases. How she is able to deal with this sort of suppression of her freedoms is anyone’s guess.

Eltahawy is so sidelined that during her extensive travels she visited Australia where she spoke at the inaugural Broadside feminist conference held in Melbourne. Coinciding with the conference was an episode of Q&A on the main TV channel of the government-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The ABC is widely considered to have a significant feminist bias in its reporting but the episode of Q&A took this to a new level. Five feminists including Eltahawy discussed a variety of topics including abolishing the police and physically harming men. It was so bad that even the biased ABC took the unprecedented step of removing the episode from its streaming service and stated that it would not be transmitted again on its TV stations. Eltahawy was not deterred though, pushed for the episode to be made available again, and made it available on her own Youtube channel against the wishes of the copyright holder, the ABC. Narcissism, thy name is Mona.

She has recently published a book with the title Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. A man made her do it.

But fear not, with her bright red hair, garish glasses and a mouth that would make a drunken sailor blush, she is narcissism writ large.

Poor Eltahawy. Let us pity her. Let us weep. Hers is a life of systemic oppression characterised by international travel, fame and wealth. That we could all be so hard done by.

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