50th anniversary of domestic violence charity Refuge

A little over 50 years ago Erin Pizzey founded Chiswick Women’s Aid to assist women who were victims of intimate partner violence. Erin started documenting their experiences and quickly realised that a high proportion of intimate partner violence was reciprocal in nature. This is something that is widely recognised among MRAs but generally still rejected by the wider community and feminist biased mainstream media. Before long Erin was forced out of the organisation that she founded. 50 years later and the organisation is still going, today called Refuge. The our history page of Refuge neglects to mention it’s founder. If you look carefully though you can actually see that they do mention Erin on their website, albeit in an obscure place. They done slipped up!

There were not one but two events held for Refuge’s 50th. An official event in which the well paid leaders of Refuge hobnobbed with Priti Patel the British Home Secretary, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and some woman named Zara McDermott. It was high profile enough that the Daily Mail ran an article on it. One small problem – Erin wasn’t invited.

Fortunately MRAs and others ran a separate event to celebrate the founding of Chiswick Women’s Aid 50 years ago. Erin was of course the guest of honour. Please enjoy the video below.

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