Another women’s studies graduate

Another Women’s Studies Graduate: Sexiest like this SOB

Believe it or not, I periodically receive “hate mail” in the form of blog comments and emails from angry women and, to a lesser degree, whackadoodle men white knighting for Borderline women. Most of the time, I give these missives a cursory review and then file them into my Mixed Nuts folder.

However, every now and again, I receive very special comments that are, at the risk of being redundant, very speh-shull. For example, the following comment washed ashore yesterday afternoon. Let’s take a look!

My first thought was, “Ohhhhh, she’s trying to call me a sexist!”

My second thought was, “I wonder what Women’s Studies program ‘Tiffany’ is a graduate of and if she graduated Magna Cum Loony?”

Regardless of Tiffany’s alma mantra, I would like to see my new favorite feminist, Raven Moon Dragon, tackle the dangers of being a sexiest.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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