Tina Kirk “grieves” losing custody

On August 10, 2009, when Kirk vs. Kirk was still in the hands of the Honorable Cornelia Reep, the Guardian ad Litem submitted an Emergency Motion to Restrict Visitation against Tina Taylor Kirk for her continued physical and emotional abuse of the Kirk children.

Prior to this emergency motion, Tina Taylor Kirk had been given therapeutic supervised visitation for one hour each week with both the children’s court-appointed counselor and the Guardian ad Litem present. However, during the first therapeutic visitation, her behavior so upset the children that the Guardian filed an emergency motion to restrict visitation. This motion reduced Tina’s weekly one hour of supervised visitation to zero access.

The motion restricted visitation as follows:

1.  Any and all therapeutic counseling sessions as previously ordered are suspended until further order of this Court.

2.  The petitioner is barred from attending any and all events in which the minor children are participating in at this time.

3.  The petitioner is barred from any and all telephone contact with the children at this time.

[Motion PDF *please note the signature page is missing]

When the motion was filed, Tina Taylor Kirk stated on the court record and in writing that she was receiving treatment for alcohol abuse at Celebrate Recovery, a “Christ-centered 12-step recovery program.” She also testified throughout the entire court proceedings (before these photos surfaced) that she had not drunk any alcohol since June 28, 2009, the night Lt. Col. Kirk captured his wife’s drunken and violent rampage against him and their children on film. Tina continues to claim she rarely drank alcohol even before that night.

In addition to her own claims of sobriety, Tina Taylor Kirk went therapist shopping and found a couple of counselors who were willing to testify that she was suffering from depression because she was wrongfully separated from her children and abused by Lt. Col. Kirk. Both Dr. Edward Baker, Ph.D. (the psychologist who diagnosed Tina with Borderline Personality Disorder) and her attorneys claimed the only reason Tina drank was due to a toxic marriage — especially when the Lt. Col. was home and “causing conflict.”

Dr. Baker and the attorneys also alleged that the Lt. Col. set Tina up the night he filmed her and that he was more interested in “catching” Tina on film than “nurturing” their children. Dr. Baker is correct that the Lt. Col was not “nurturing” his children in the June 2009 video. Lt. Col. Kirk was protecting his children from their drunken, out-of-control, raging, violent Borderline Personality Disordered mother.

The images featured below were taken at a bar believed to be in Charlotte, North Carolina approximately 5 days after Judge Reep ordered the motion to restrict parenting time. The Kirk children unwittingly discovered these photos much later (after visitation was reinstated with their mother) and gave them to their father.

The kids accidentally discovered these photos on a camera memory card they believed belonged to them at their mother’s home during a visit just this past year. The kids took the card back to their father’s house. The three of them were going on  a planned vacation and, naturally, wanted to snap some family photos. The children asked their father to see if the card had any pictures on it lest they delete photos they wanted to keep.

As image after image loaded onto the screen, the children became more and more devastated. The first words out of the son’s mouth were, “Who are those men?” The daughter saw the date-stamps on the photos and said, “Hey mom’s in a bar and it’s right when she left here.’” The kids were heartbroken as their mother had been telling them for years how devastated and depressed she was that she was separated from them. She had also been telling the kids that she had not had a drop to drink since the night of June 28, 2009.

In their innocence, the children discovered a date-stamped pictorial trove of the alcohol-fueled antics of Tina Taylor Kirk, her “grief counselor” (and BFF drinking buddy), the friend’s boyfriend and numerous unidentified men. These images were taken only 5 days after Judge Reep ordered the motion to restrict Tina’s very minimal parenting time to zero time.

Good and loving parents, when faced with the loss of their children, are typically distraught and desperate to regain contact with them. They would meet any requirement, no matter how Draconian, set forth by the court in order to be reunited with their children.

In the months following June 28, 2009, the Lt. Col states he was in a great deal of emotional turmoil and was devastated by the destruction Tina inflicted on their family. He states, “In the months that followed, you had to peel me off the floor – and I had custody of the children! Still, I was not out celebrating. I never celebrated. I was shattered.”

Tina told the children that she was equally shattered by her separation from them, but the photos below tell a different story. See below.

Are the images featured in this article indicative of a woman who is heartbroken and devastated by the loss of her children? Or do these images portray a middle-aged woman out on the town getting her drink on with friends?

Please remember, these photos of Tina Taylor Kirk and friends, knocking back beer after beer, were taken only 5 days after being ordered to have no contact with her children. Tina and friends are drinking it up, riding a mechanical bull and hugging and kissing each other, the friend’s boyfriend and several unidentified men.

As a point of interest, Tina claimed the woman partying with her in the photos was acting as her “grief counselor.” In reality, this woman, also through lies and false accusations, just so happens to have destroyed the career of her Marine officer husband who was an elite presidential helicopter pilot. (The Kirk’s had been friends with the couple for many years.) This same friend is thought to have advised Tina to file a Protective Order against the Lt. Col. because it would “go a long way in court,” sent her $6000 to fund her divorce and has been coaching Tina every step of the way in her campaign to inflict maximum damage on the Lt. Col. and their children. Ironically, this woman is currently studying to be a Christian marriage counselor. Heaven help her future clients.

Again, Tina Taylor Kirk was ordered to have no contact with her two children for an indefinite period of time only days before these photos were taken. Instead of appearing sad and bereft, as any decent parent would be if in her shoes, she appears to be whooping it up and celebrating. One thing’s for certain, she certainly wasn’t “celebrating recovery” from alcohol abuse when these photos were taken despite her claims to the contrary.

These photos also disprove Dr. Edward Baker’s unfounded assertions that Tina was depressed and that the Lt. Col and their “toxic marriage” was the cause of Tina’s alcohol abuse. Tina appears quite inebriated in these photos as evidenced by her dilated pupils, the number of men and women she is hugging and kissing and, of course, the bottles of beer in her hand. Since the Lt. Col. was in the marital home with their children in West Virginia on the evening of August 15, 2009 and early morning hours of August 16, 2009, one wonders whom Dr. Baker might allege set up Tina that night?

Throughout the Kirk divorce and custody dispute, Tina Taylor Kirk has shown herself to be a malicious and cunning pathological liar and a vicious and unrepentant child and spousal abuser. Yet, with an abundance of documentation that would be enough to quell the doubts of even the most woman-biased skeptic, Judge Lori B. Jackson has chosen to ignore the Mt. Everest sized pile of evidence of Tina’s many crimes, abuses, alcohol abuse and lies. Judge Jackson continues to enable this child abuser and, in the process, has become a child abuser herself.

The distraught Tina Taylor Kirk copes with the loss of her children

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