The disappearance of Christine Armstrong: run David run

As some of you may recall, I recently posted an article about Christina Armstrong, the Communications Director of The Lighthouse, a run of the mill domestic violence services organization in Robertsdale, Alabama.

As I said in the article, Armstrong was posting over at David Futrelle’s website,, under the username Christine.  Her contributions to the discussion there included the inference that I was a rapist, that the men’s movement was regarded by the justice department as an “abusers lobby,” and that our respected colleague W.F. Price of should be targeted for investigation by the FBI and placed on some sort of watch list.  She also tacitly predicted that at some point in the future that violent acts against women would be attributed to the MRM.

As someone who wondered why a person in Armstrong’s position, that ostensibly of a public servant, would be spending their time making libelous claims about strangers in a forum dedicated to little else but making libelous claims about strangers in a public forum, I felt compelled to see what would happen if the tables were turned and the lights were put on Armstrong.

The only condition I set for myself was that rather than invest in wild speculation about Armstrong’s sexual proclivities, or her relative danger to society around her, that I would just focus on what I could prove about her, as directly demonstrated by her posting to Futrelle’s site.

It appears that was enough to shut her up. And where it concerns this matter, even the Manboob is putting a sock in it. Must be like eating glass for the smug bastard.

And now it appears that Futrelle is trying to create the illusion on his site that none of it ever happened.  He has pathetically instructed the faithful at Manboobz that the subject is verboten. And Christina seems to have fallen off planet Manboob altogether. From all appearances, she no longer posts there, much less making slanderous remarks against myself or Mr. Price.

Looks damned good on the both of them.

Now, I don’t delude myself into thinking that this is any kind of major victory. Armstrong is still listed on the contact page of the Lighthouse’s website as being on staff there.  So she is almost undoubtedly still part of a program that operates on the myth that male victims of domestic abuse and their children don’t exist.

But I do think that Christina Armstrong now serves as a great object lesson, demonstrating the truth in the adage, “Cockroaches scatter when you turn on the light.”

And while she is no more significant to the big picture than a blowhard comment commando like Futrelle, she is now made more valuable to us in her cowardly, or perhaps instructed, absence.

This is just a small warning to anyone in DV services or any other industry part and parcel to feminist governance.

Futrelle: One picture is worth a thousand jelly doughnuts

If you’re going to fuck with bloggers in the MRM you better not let us find out who you are, because we are not going to put up with it.

Futrelle is at little risk from making irresponsible assertions on the internet about people he doesn’t know.  His once mediocre writing career looks to be over. A Google search on his name is now far less than flattering. The image search is even more dismal. Being a net wide butt of ten thousand jokes is not really the creds most blue pill hack factories are looking for.

But people in positions where they actually have something to lose are a different matter entirely.  We can’t stop them from practicing general misandry, but we can do a lot about direct attacks on people that involve false allegations and histrionic calls for Gestapo intervention.

I am not a Dixie Chicks fan, but I can still tap my toes to “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

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