Danielle Sandhu: Lies and violence at U of T

From the mission statement of A Voice for Men:

To promote the legal and nonviolent antagonism of all agents of misandry, from members of academe, to holders of public office, to law enforcement and other state functionaries, to popular bloggers and to corporate agents who promote misandry for profit.

As we have demonstrated over the years here, we take this specific part of our mission very seriously. There are many good reasons for this, primary among them is the fact that many of these hate driven ideologues think better of their activities when their true identities are put on display for the public to see.

We found this to be true with Simon and Schuster author Pamela O’Shaughnessy, who penned diatribes on targeted male eugenics at Radfem Hub under the pseudonym Vliet Tiptree. That nom de plume has all but disappeared from online writing as O’Shaughnessy was forced to assume other identities to keep her actions covert.

Another example was some of the women involved in a Swedish Production Company that was promoting the male targeted violence advocated by feminist murderess Valerie Solanas. We have reports that at least one of them became fearful of the public exposure and has changed her path away from the promotion of hatred and violence.

Another case involved Christine Armstrong, who works, or perhaps worked, for a battered women’s shelter, The Lighthouse, in Robertsdale, Alabama. Armstrong, under a pseudonym, used to post at David Futrelle’s blog, included the inference that yours truly fit the profile of a rapist. We tracked down her identity and posted it here are AVfM. She quickly disappeared from Futrelle’s site. Futrelle himself forbid his readers to discuss her, and an examination of The Lighthouse’s website no longer contains her name.

There have been other examples, like Creepy Bittergirl, exposed as Sasha Wiley by first Mykeru, and subsequently this website, who is now making the Watsonesque claims of internet bullying, seeking sympathy and support, like a damsel in distress, from other hate mongers.

I am sure you are getting the point. There are two general reactions to putting the light of public exposure on to these ideologues. I wish I had better clichés than light switches and cockroaches, but better to be clichéd than inaccurate.

But we cannot always count on the typical response. There are occasional examples of Periplaneta Americana that are light tolerant, and even seem to enjoy it, as well as the opportunity it presents to make them the recipient of male protection and coddling. One such specimen may be Danielle Sandhu, President of the University of Toronto Students’ Union, who was promoting a violent, illegal protest against a presentation at that university by author Dr. Warren Farrell, claiming that he defends rape, incest and violence against children.

On her Tumblr page, she claims that she “has worked to lobby municipal, provincial and federal governments for access to high-quality, public services including education, transit, healthcare, and childcare for all members of the community.”

Well, all except half. All, except men and boys. And when that half of the population dares to assert needs and areas in need of amelioration, she launches a campaign of violence and false accusation in order to demonize that half of the population back to the sidelines, where she clearly thinks we belong.

This is the kind of bigot representing the students at the University of Toronto.

John the Other provides a treatment of her activity in this video.

Also, Dr. Warren Farrell addresses the protest in his own words in this interview.

As for what we do here, things have not changed. Another Marxist feminist bigot, Danielle Sandhu, has been identified and presented to the world in the light that most accurately shows her true colors. And henceforth her actions will be monitored and reported here, as well as to the growing numbers of MRAs that reside in the Toronto area.

Unlike the ideologues we expose on this site, we need not advocate or endorse violence. What is important here is to maintain record of these individuals the same way any concerned community would with pedophiles and other violent offenders. Tis better to have these individuals in a place where they can be watched, especially by young men who attend the University of Toronto, a school that has obviously lost its way on the meaning and spirit of equality.

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