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Episode 2 of Tales from the Infrared airs tonight, with Dean Esmay and Typhon Blue, with special guest host Pwny Slaystation.

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Featured this week:

Ministry of Fear Alert:
Man hovers over cat

Men’s issues in the news

“The Good”
THIS IS CORNWALL: Fathers allowed to march in parade in Cornwall.

“The Bad”
Pushback against Movember

“The Ugly”
Warren Farrell, the Mister Rogers of Men’s Rights, blockaded by violent feminist thugs

Extensive interview with Warren Farrell:

Warren Farrell’s web page, with much awesome stuff:

JTO on the Violent Feminist Protest


Banning for Sexism(cont’d)


“The Bad”
Wonder Woman Needs (Man-Hating) Sex?

“The Ugly”
What is up with castration in Comics?
Found via Webcomic Beacon


“The Ugly or the Cool You Decide”

Carolyn Ives Gillman and the self-selected feminist “ghetto” in Science Fiction

The YouPoop

“The Good”
GirlWritesWhat gets college, university, and even High School exposure

“The Bad”
The Young Turks marginalize a rape victim & real Rape Culture

“The Cool”
Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome:

Shows-That-Don’t-Make-You-Want-to-Chew-Bannisters Features Fox’s Bob’s Burgers!

Short review of Bob’s Burgers

Discussion segment

Much of the above is discussed, with additional references including:

Prostate Cancer Survival

St. Baldrick’s Foundation:

MRA Blogger: Yes I Am James

Raping an exchange student & double-standards for gay men: Elmo

The Cat-Hovering Horror

We hope you will join us tonight at 8 Central!

Come listen to the show (or the archived version after it airs) right here!

The show starts tonight, November 21, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern Time, 8 Central, which is 2:00 AM on 22 November in London and noon (1200) on 22 November in Brisbane.

Typhonblue and Dean Esmay will not be in the Stickam room this evening, as we are utterly exhausted.

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Feel free to use the Stickam room if you like, though Dean and Typhon probably will not be there tonight.

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