The upcoming week will be the last days of the Lame Duck session of Congress. But this is no time for complacency!

This past Tuesday the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee approved the International Violence Against Women Act. Now the VAWA Mafia is trying to bring this anti-family bill for a full Senate vote. We can’t allow that to happen, because I-VAWA is filled with more lies than you can imagine – see the SAVE analysis here:http://www.saveservices.org/downloads/VAWA-International-Violence-Against-Women-Act-Analysis

For example, I-VAWA makes this claim: “The World Health Organization has reported that up to 70 percent of women in some countries report having been victims of domestic violence at some stage in their lives.”

That claim is ridiculous, of course. The truth is, studies conducted in 38 countries around the world show women are as likely, or more likely than men to engage in intimate partner aggression:http://www.saveservices.org/policymakers/what-is-the-profile-of-domestic-violence-around-the-world/

I don’t know about you, but I was taught not to lie. On Monday, I’d like you to call your two Senators at this toll-free number: 1-866-220-0044 and urge them to oppose the International Violence Against Women Act, S. 2982. “Victims of domestic violence want the truth, not I-VAWA.”

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