Slowing Down for Kiwi’s

As I have whined about incessantly in recent days, I have been struggling with a sack full of kidney stones, and the Veteran Administration’s rather casual attitude about removing them.  As fate would have it, I have, for a much longer period of time, also been planning on a trip to New Zealand.

The two don’t mix as well as I would like.

But MRA’s are accustomed to facing dilemmas. So, on November 5th, with a string of rubber in my right ureter, and a suitcase full of hydrocodone, I am going to do what any sane man would do and get on the plane.

Did I say I was sane? Well, actually, I already had too much invested in the trip to back out or reschedule.  And I am not missing it just because one of my internal organs has taken up geology as a hobby.

So I am posting this for two reasons.  One, any of you that would like to submit additional, or even your first articles to the site, any time up till the 4th would be a very good time.  I will try to post a few short items, like select videos, etc., while I am away, but I have pledged to myself not to spend my trip hammering at this keyboard.

The other reason is to give you all a warning.  I am old enough to remember the days when people would corner you in their home with an album full of vacation photos, eating up precious minutes of your life, never to be regained.

But this is the information age, so that means I get to force those photos on everyone who wanders in here, and I don’t even have to offer up something to drink.

I will try to keep it to a reasonable level, but despite current health concerns I am excited about the trip, and will make you all suffer for it.

Maybe I’ll come back with a fresh Maori tatt, and put that up here as well.

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