From the glossary – identity politics

Identity politics is a broad movement in which people are categorized on the basis of characteristics that are often readily identifiable. Characteristics often include gender, race, gender identity or sexuality. While identity politics often uses terminology such as diversity it is really talking about a coarse form of diversity based on physical characteristics and ignores …

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Male gaze

The following is another Wiki4men entry: Male gaze The male gaze is a special power possessed by men. When a man looks at a woman manrays emanate from his eyes causing the woman to lose all agency. Feminists have become aware of this male super power[1] and now wear tinfoil hats for protection. The following Oxford Reference Dictionary definition …

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Wanted – Editors for Wiki4Men

Are you an MRA or anti-feminist and not sure how to contribute? Consider signing up as an editor for Wiki4Men. Put in as much or as little effort as you like. Can you beat the edit count of the active users? Instructions for applying are on the front page of Wiki4Men.