Feminist Governance

Sweden, where man-beating is sport!

Former prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge RK Hendrick was more than upset at recent video of a female cop and her dog beating an unarmed drunk man who posed no threat to her in front of multiple witnesses. Was it simple arrogance on her part or due to the perception that women can get away with brutality to men in Sweden, which has become notorious for legalized misandry?

At any time

Famous science fiction author Robert Heinlein wrote about the crazy years. This was a period of history in his stories in which technology rapidly advanced while society broke down. In 1941 Heinlein wrote: Considerable technical advance during this period, accompinied (sic) by a gradual deterioration of mores, orientation and social institutions, terminating in mass psychoses …

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21 Visions for A Feminist Future ’21 – Misandry in Practice

I had the opportunity to attend 21 Visions for a Feminist Future ’21 (21 for 21) conference on May 18th and took a recording of it. Now understand that this article is not a hit piece, and I am not trying to demonize Feminists from having a conference. If anything, I promote their right to …

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A response to Jennifer Duke on superannuation

Australia runs a nearly universal superannuation system in which virtually all employees are paid an additional 9.5% over their wage or salary. This money locally called super is put away for retirement with few avenues to access the money before then. This enforced savings has made Australians among the wealthiest people in the world. Some …

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